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Tower PC with 4-6 HDD Drive Bays


Oct 2, 2001

I have been out of touch with Anandtech for last 15 years. You guys (or your dads) helped me build my first PC in 2001.

Need some advice on buying a new tower desktop PC.

I have a HP tower PC that is about 10 years old. I have a blu-ray drive and 4x HGST 4 TB disks. Boot drive is a Samsung 840 SSD with Win 10.

Main use cases -
1. Surf the web (80%)
2. Rip Blu-Rays using MakeMKV (mostly kids movies). Store them in internal drives in lossless MKV format (no transcoding crap). (20%)
3. I copy MKV files on PC to an external HGST harddrive with a USB 3.0 cable. External drive is later plugged into USB port on Samsung TV. I can watch blu-rays lossless without previews and crap, and kids love this setup.
4. 10 years worth of photos from digital cameras and iPhones stored on internal drives.

Non-use cases -
- I don't play games, so don't need a powerful graphics card

What I need
Plan to keep new PC for 10 years or so. I am looking at a desktop tower as it supports future expansion.
- 4-6 internal drive bays for adding harddrives (will re-use my 4x HGST 4TB + add more in future)
- Front USB 3.0 and 3.1 ports
- 2x SSDs (one for Win10 and one for apps/photos) (will re-use my existing drives)
- 1x or 2x 5.25" front bays for Blu-Ray drive and DVD-RW drive (will re-use my existing drives)
- Intel i5 or i7 is fine. Integrated graphics card is fine.
- I believe heat is a HDD killer and would prefer a cool running setup

Flexible on budget. I could assemble a PC based on your advice, but I have 2 kids + work stuff, so buying off the shelf is preferable. My initial thought was to buy a barebones PC from a namebrand and then fit it with my existing drives/SSDs etc.

I took a quick look at HP and Dell offerings, but Dell XPS 8910 for example, only offers 3x internal bays, and HP designs look strange.