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  1. Dayman1225

    Intel reveals more details of their Neuromorphic Chip named Loihi

    First lets head over to Wikichip for a die shot, floor plan and some more info The die is a mere 60mm^2 and has 2,070,000,000 transistors Now enter Intel's recent announcement here, they have launched a Neuromorphic Research Community to Advance ‘Loihi’ Test Chip. Intel claims that their...
  2. Dayman1225

    Intel Confirms Skylake Xeon D in Early 2018

    Intel Confirms Skylake Xeon D in Early 2018
  3. bob4432

    Is 10/14nm the max for silicon? Where do we go from here? The end of Moore's Law?

    I will preface this question that I have been into computers pretty heavily from 1995 to about 2010 when I went into embedded systems and the design of multirotor flight controllers as they switched from 8bit to 32bit. Now, in 2017, back to computers and I am reading and seeing 10/14nm a...
  4. thepaleobiker

    Coffelake Thread : Rumors, and Specs

    Hello Everyone, I know Ryzen is sucking out most of the oxygen in the room regarding the anticipation and "truer" competition in the CPU market. I've a few questions I'd like to put forth to those in the latest know how about Intel's potential first opportunity to respond to Ryzen - CoffeeLake...
  5. S

    Intel Coffee Lake and Cannonlake in H2-2017, Icelake in 2018 (DigiTimes)

    Mainstream 6C/12T next year, followed by a new CPU architecture in 2018? www.digitimes.com/news/a20160904PD201.html Original Coffee Lake 'leak' from PC Watch in July (mobile roadmap):
  6. S

    Atom T5500/T5700 (Broxton): ~50% improvement over Cherry Trail

    New hope for budget desktops/notebooks? Looks like the Goldmont core brings a substantial improvement to CPU performance. 56% faster than Airmont at similar clocks @ SPECint_2000 according to Intel...