Xbox Two and PS5 Predictions

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Apr 11, 2001
Where did I say it will never happen? All I said is that your 74% number isn't even close to what you are trying to argue it is. Nice rebuttal though that had nothing to do with what I posted.

What other industry uses discs like this? How about the movie industry.

If I've misunderstood your point then I apologize. It does appear that when I post links to stuff saying that digital sales are overtaking physical, and you come back with "those numbers are misleading" it really appears to me that you're saying that physical media is still such a thing that it'll be around after a gen or two. It looked that way more so when I'm responding to a question on why I think that physical media is on it's way out.

Is there an industry that physical media outsells the digital? I'm not aware of one..


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Aug 27, 2011
That number is COMPLETELY misleading in the way you are trying to point it.

That 74% number includes Xbox Live and PS+ subscriptions, DLC, and PC games. Those are things you don't even have the option to purchase physically.

I know people who purchased Street Fighter 5 and have made like 10+ DLC purchases. That would make 10 out of 11 "video game purchases" according to the stat above be digital. It has no bearing on physical vs. digital games.

The only real number that would matter is full game sales digital compared to physical, at retail price too. I know a lot of people, myself included, who will buy some games digitally if they are dirt cheap compared to the physical counterpart.


That number even includes MOBILE video games. I'd almost argue that number proves that physical sales are pretty damn high.
Yep, especially with mobile included that data is useless for predicting consoles going digital only.
That's God of War's first month. 5mil units sold. 2.1mil digital, 2.9 mil physical.

We are a decade plus away from having the infrastructure available in the US to go digital only. Then there's the whole conversation about data usage and caps we have here...
Mar 11, 2004
Kinect is not really comparable other than they were peripherals. The comparison pretty much stops there.

I don't know of a list, but I'd wager that there are WWWWAAAYYYYY more PSVR games than there are games that require Kinect. Like by a ridiculous amount. And many of these games are games designed from the ground up for PSVR. I don't even know if there was one game designed for the Kinect from the ground up (I'm sure there is I just can't think of any), that could only be played with the Kinect.

But my point was that Sony has basically gone all in with PSVR on PS4 and it's doing very well, and that due to that, I feel PSVR will be on PS5 and will be more powerful with higher resolution.

I actually think they make for a pretty good comparison, and they highlight the flaws in either. Kinect didn't have a worthwhile game immersion aspect (because you were never fully in the game world), and PSVR is lacking the reactivity beyond head tracking (yes there are the controllers but most people find them to be very lacking even for fairly simplistic games).

I think you might would be surprised. There's not that many absolutely need VR games, and many of those its forced just because not because there's an inherent reason it needs to be VR. They both have plenty of very shallow gimmicky games.

Don't get me wrong, I definitely am far more interested in VR headsets, but average people want both. Plus, while you harp on Kinect, you're ignoring the Wii. A lot of people think VR will be similar where people will be hyped about it but get over it because of the limitations. I disagree, but I also think for VR to realize its potential, we're basically going to need Kinect to realize its potential (not Kinect specifically, but rather the tech to enabling full body tracking to really immerse yourself in the game). You could argue quite easily that motion controls were far more popular than VR so far. I think that will change, but I think they're actually trying to achieve the same thing (fully immersing yourself into games). But we need the technology to get there, so far it isn't.

I disagree that Sony has gone "all in" on PSVR (and that you're arguing that when Microsoft literally did that with Kinect on Xbox One is especially odd argument). 3 million PSVRs (that I see a LOT of people say they used for like half an hour and then never again), compared to what 60million PS4s? That ratio is probably similar to Kinect for the 360 (or even the One). That's not to say Sony hasn't taken it seriously, but its not like they're making all games have to be VR compatible (which would be a bad idea I think anyway). Heck, I don't even see them marketing PSVR much these days. I think they're waiting for it to improve (as consumers have already said its interesting but is lacking - PSVR is lacking even compared to other VR, mostly because of the poor controller setup for it). They need to have several aspects develop (need more power, need higher res headset, need better controllers and tracking; need the software to develop and the software kinda needs to follow the hardware since improved tracking and controls will fundamentally change what they can achieve and get more AAA games made for it).

I'm personally still big on VR, but it'll probably start to really get interesting when we get 4K+ VR headsets where it'll probably have its own inside out tracking and be wireless, and feature some augmented reality aspects (think of a game where you defend your own house against intruders or hordes of zombies).

I don't think that 2 TB of SSD storage will be cheap enough to put in a console by the end of next year. I could see them doing a 2 TB hybrid HDD with 64 GB of flash cache, though.

I'm also thinking that they'll do away with an optical drive on this console for the size savings, and start shipping games on something like a USB flash drive or an SD card.

Yeah, 2TB SSDs are not cheap enough and won't be for awhile. I think they'd be able to do more than 64GB of cache though. 128GB would let them load an entire game onto it (I put 100GB as I figure they'll reserve 20 or so GB for OS). Pair it with a 1TB HDD and it'd be be able to speed up games loading while letting you have a good amount of storage. I see them looking at doing USB sticks or memory cards for physical releases (although kinda think that'll be reserved for special editions). I think we'll see them start to move away, from optical drives, but I'm not sure it happens just yet, if for no other reason than letting people have backwards compatibility. That's why I see them possibly moving to external ones, or maybe they'll have more expensive versions with the drives for those that want them.