Solved! Wiped stock thermal paste off of Wraith Prism cpu cooler and 3600x cpu, replaced with kryonaut. Temperatures higher though?

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Mar 19, 2019
I have a 3600x with an asus tuf x570 wi fi mobo and a mattrexx 50 case.

Anyways I had a spare never used wraith prism cooler with the stock paste still and used that instead of the wraith spire. Temperatures dropped and it was working pretty good.

However I had to get into my computer and change my nvme drive so I had to remove the heatsink and in doing so I used 99% rubbing alcohol to completely clean the thermal paste off of the prism and cpu.

I ordered two small 1 gram tubes of kryonaut and just put it on tonight. However the temperatures are higher than they were with the stock paste. I used up the whole tube doing the paste three times. I spread it at first, wiped it off then tried the x method, wiped that off then did the line method.

All three times I did this my temps were higher than before. Cinebench r15 would never go above 77 celsius even during five multi core tests in a row. Immediately it jumps to about 83 celsius now. Also my max boost all core clock on everything stock/auto would boost to 4.1 ghz all core prior to this with the fan switch on high now i get 4.03 at best with full speed high setting cpu cooler fan and by the time the benchmark is over I am around 3.97 ghz. I used to get in the 1620's (1629

was the best I ever got) if I had the prism set to high and full speed in bios and even with silent bios and low setting on the prism I'd get between 1595 and 1605 so about 1600 on average. Now I'm getting that with high speed prism and full fan speed and 1550's! when I'm on low prism fan speed and silent fan bios.

What am I doing wrong? Could I have gotten a bit of the old stock thermal compound under the lid in the area where the i/o die and chiplet is on the cpu and could that affect the heat? Did I put the paste on wrong?

I'm so fed up I just ordered a new wraith prism on ebay to see if that will help and if not then I might just order another 3600x or even just plain 3600. This is crap.

Also when I was cleaning the thermal paste off I think I may have had some get inbetween the small gap between the IHS and the top of the cpu. Could some of that thermal paste have gotten onto the IO Die or chiplet and be effecting that? If so is there a way I can remove that without delidding?
Yeah I'm not going to undervolt as that will cut single threaded performance. Any other tips? I'm willing to do modded bios, power plans, chipset drivers, etc. Those are all up to date though.
Until you get a new back plate and properly install a CPU cooler, there's no need for you to ask for help concerning CPU temps.

Sometimes you just have to be blunt, but at this point I just don't really believe anything you say. The posts you've created here and at places like Reddit, Linus, TechPowerUP, and Tom's make no logical sense at all. I feel that you are trolling people and wasting their time with nonsense.

When you first joined here, you posted you were concerned about gaming on your laptop for 2 hours. Next was about a case...


Apr 27, 2000

It is easier to apply than IC Diamond 7. It's hard to apply than MX-4. With MX-4 on a Ryzez 3000 system, you can just put some dots of paste on the I/O die and the two chiplets and squish it down if you like, it'll work okay. Not sure that would work with Kryonaut which really needs to be spread to work.


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Dec 31, 2013
I'm just going to deal with it as is. I'm not putting a backplate on the computer unless I need to upgrade or move or deep clean it. Next time I get a computer I'm going to have someone assemble it for me.

Honestly I know I get a little paranoid and freaked out over stuff easily because I think I'm going to break something I spent a decent amount on but I have to realize computers aren't that fragile. I got to just chill with this.

This may be the most ridiculous post I have ever read on a computer forum since I first went online in 1994....