Why do you support President Bush?

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Oct 13, 1999
Originally posted by: CADkindaGUY
Originally posted by: dmcowen674
More families own stock than ever before
The number of families owning stock in the United States increased by 40 percent since 1992.
Only to have that stock wiped out by Bush and his elitist few and then wipe out their savings with Corp greed such as Enron. WTG Bush & Co.

Most diverse cabinet in American history
The President has appointed more African Americans, women and Hispanics to the Cabinet than any other President in history. He appointed the first female Attorney General, the first female Secretary of State and the first Asian American cabinet secretary ever.
Poor Candie and Collie.
Poor dave

Bush's cabinet is just as "diverse"
Cabinet picks draw praise for diversity

And you see what happens when you get a huge influx of "new" people investing? It created a bubble and everyone and their brother became a broker or a "web programmer". Those times are done and we are back to reality. Stock ownership was up in 2002 compared to 1999. Look it up. I couldn't find 2003 numbers in a quick search but I would assume they went down because some people pulled those investments and went to real estate. It'd be interesting to see the dynamics of that shift in investments to see where investors are in terms of numbers.

You're so good at deception and perception like Politicians especially the current administration. Going back to original post Inaugural News postings of people that have zero visibility or impact which is why I focused on Candie & Collie.

On the stocks, no need to "look it up" and the numbers if Government supplied would be as phony as the BLS crap.
Just go to any Edward Jones and ask, they will tell you exactly what happened and where the money went.


Nov 17, 2002
Originally posted by: ITJunkie
Good point....who knew that a Bl*w j$b good do so much for our country ;)
I bet someone running on that platform could get a lot of votes. It's not Bush.

Feb 3, 2001
Originally posted by: Red Dawn[/iReagan had a lot of dignity and was a passionate, intelligent, moral man. Not to say he was always right or that he didn't screw up, because he most certainly did, but I have a hard time holding it too much against him because he was very, very good for the self esteem of Americans after the debacle of Nixon, Carter, Ford, Johnson...


Dignity in the Whitehouse just doesn't mean those in charge, but those underneath the man in charge. With the like of McFarlen, Poindexter and North to mention a couple, it's a far cry to say that Reagan's administration brought dignity to the White House. Also keep in mind that for a while after he was shot and was still recovering his wife ran things with the help of an Astrologist.[/quote]

Hey, I never said the whole shebang was *perfect*, just that Reagan himself, as an individual, was an interesting man with a lot of passion and morals and a great deal of charisma. He was very good for the self-image of Americans. I don't think he always did the right thing, but I do think he always did what *he* thought was the right thing, and that's as much as you can ask from any person.

I love the astrologer bit, that's funny. I wonder if it's true, hehe ? :)



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Jul 29, 2001
Originally posted by: Zebo
Big surpise here. No detailed responses and only 37 of them. mostly liberals... (except for dragon... Shot out for talking a stand dude..I could talk about Bucahan all day)

Comeon fellas you can do better than this. You spend hours listening to limbaugh/fox/o-rilley etc surly you can make a case. Lie, plagerize if you have to, they do. But give us something to show you're not just idealogs and can form a convincing argument why the middle should support Bush?