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When will we get transparency?

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Jul 10, 2006
His best intentions were never good. Never for the best for the US. They were for his vision of what should be. Selfish.

He's a failure on many levels. First and foremost he had a socialist vision for this country that he can't execute. Beyond that he's failed to deliver on pretty much every promise he campaigned on with the exclusion of 'obama care'... But even that seems destined to fail in court.

He has no leadership ability. He's worthless without a teleprompter. He's the definition of an empty suit. This guy makes Bush look like a visionary.

He was elected on hope. That's not a great place to start from. He talked a good game but he was working against a low platform. His one term presidency was inevitable. When your platform is 'I'm not Bush' and your presidency is 'Let's see what we can pass' the odds of your reelection are pretty slim.

Whoever the next guy is, he better have a better plan than 'I'm not the last guy.'
To be fair, every candidate's intentions are for his/her own vision of what the country should be. For conservatives that vision is much closer to the existing reality than are the visions of progressives, but every candidate surely has things in mind to change.

Personally I think Obama was amazingly specific in his vision for a progressive Presidential candidate, at least if you looked at what he said in safe venues. That, confirming for me as it did his voting record and past actions, is why I voted against him. Frankly, with "Dreams from my father" out there (in more ways than one!) I'm surprised that anyone not currently a member of the American Communist Party voted for him. But most people see only 'D' or 'R'.


May 12, 2001
So far this administration has hidden from us Fast and Furious, now they're trying to cover up what's going on in Bengazi . . . . sickening