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When we do it we call it "Harsh Tactics" .. when anyone else does it we call it "TORTURE" .. 2003 Torture Memo Released

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Jul 12, 2001
Originally posted by: Phokus
Originally posted by: EXman
Originally posted by: Phokus
Exman sounds like a former Nazi/Communist sympathizer now advocating torture as a USA policy.
Your voting for Obama the racist marxist... Please don't
So who should i vote for? McCain who referred to Vietnamese people as 'gooks' a few years ago or the Clintons who have been race baiting Obama this whole campaign? :laugh:
Nope I'd abstain if I were you the guy has Zero Judgement. He's lucky to be in the senate. He ran unoppsosed for the most part...


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Jul 21, 2000
Originally posted by: jackschmittusa
What's to argue about?

Either you believe that America was founded on, and continues to cherish the principles of human rights, justice, honor, fair play, etc., or you don't.

I do. You don't. I consider your stance to be un-American. You can spout off all you want, but you cannot justify your stance using any of the traditional values that so many have sacrificed to preserve.

Possibly the worst thing is that you have become a tool of the terrorists that you hate so much, and you are too blind to see it. So, I will explain it to you.

The terrorists are weak by any measure i.e. militarily ( I seriously doubt that they could muster a single battalion strength unit under unified command at any given time), economically ( most cities in the U.S. probably have larger budgets than all of the terrorists combined), numerically ( they are the tiniest fraction of all humanity).

The reason that they do outrageous acts is as a sort of force multiplier. Reaction to their acts is completely out of proportion in terms of money and effort. The big bonus for them is being able to use people like you as a poster boy. They point to you and your ilk as glaring examples of how the U.S. lies about commitment to great values. They can use you to argue that the U.S. is unworthy of any leadership role in the world. They can point to you and pronounce Americans hypocrites who claim virtue and abandon it under adversity. They claim their bad acts to be the will of God. They can claim that the ones you support are just because Americans are assholes.

Your attitude devalues and degrades America. No argument there.
Thank you. This sums up the American traitors perfectly.

I think they enjoyed 9/11 almost as much as the terrorists did. Because without 9/11 these American traitors dont have any excuse to go all "Rambo" on the bad guys.

real americans don't give the terrorists what they want.


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Feb 20, 2006
Originally posted by: thraashman
Am I the only one that wonders why Neocons hate America so much? They're the ones that want to abandon everything we've ever stood for in the face of a little fear. I love this country, or rather I love what this country used to be and is supposed to be, but not what it's becoming under neocon control. Personally that's what I call a patriot, and intentionally destroying the ideals of a nation and thus destroying the nation itself is what I'd call a traitor. To me that makes every single person who tries to justify us torturing a traitor to this nation and perhaps we should consider prosecuting them
Which national ideals are those precisely? I'm sure that you can name them, but I'd like some examples of where they've been more than propaganda. The only people that have profited by this system are those in control, and to some degree the consumers. Everybody else has suffered tragically. The mess that we're in is a result of that, not because of the crap that people like EXman say - that islamics hate freedom or whatever.

EXman also talked about how the whiny liberals accused bush of being asleep at the wheel leading up to 9/11 and blah blah blah. I utterly reject the notion that Bush has been doing something about the problem, and instead insist that he is feeding the problem and creating new ones for the generations to come. As others have pointed out, fear and racism and xenophobia are much easier to propagandize, and the tools watching Fox and listening to their pastors pontificate on global politics have allowed truth, accountability and objectivity to abandon american politics and mainstream thought.

Take one part simulated drowning, one part subliminal racism, two parts fear, bake for 7 years at 451, and you have Harsh Tactics.


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Mar 1, 2007
Originally posted by: Phokus
Exman sounds like a former Nazi/Communist sympathizer now advocating torture as a USA policy.
SOO true. The cowards have to go someplace.