What music are you listening to now?

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May 11, 2008
She was in the news this morning. Something about her boy friend and taking her music off some site. They played this song and now it's stuck in my head! Ugh.

I'd like to see a parady of this song on YouTube with dogs shaking fleas off their backs. LOL
I am happy it is not a hit on that awful radio-station 538 here. Then they would play it every 15 minutes. D:
Luckily, i do not listen to that radio-station.

The radio-station that i do listen to, plays it only once or twice a day.
Which is acceptable. At least Taylor Swift has not such an annoying voice as those scream-queens Jessie J and Ariana Grande. How awful for the ears are those two.

If you want to torment yourself, try listening to "bang bang"...
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