What are you making for Thanksgiving Dinner?

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Jan 14, 2013
Not sure if Costco has it this year but they actually had this fucking fantastic prepared brown gravy in the refrigerated section during this time of year last year and the year before. I could have put it on cardboard and eaten it. The ingredients list was short too and really nothing you could not pronounce. So of course the shelf life wasn't terribly long but not super short either. They had a really good prepared mashed as well in the refrigerated section next to the gravy. It was by far the best prepared gravy I've ever had by a mile.

Stuffing is the best part of T-Day but so is brown gravy. Brown gravy can make average stuffing and mashed taste good and it really helps the fucking Turkey as well. Good brown gravy makes everything better. It's certainly better than bacon.


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Oct 16, 1999
Maple glazed, boneless spiral ham, sweet potatoes, mashed white potatoes, green bean casserole, corn, southern style biscuits. Olives with cheese, cracker & blue cheese pecan dip.
Pumpkin & apple pie
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