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Nov 16, 2006

- Well, I don't see any pigs flying, but we're getting a Space Marine 2 after most folks had lost faith in the Emper... I mean didn't think we were ever going to get a sequel.

As always, I am wringing my hands a bit cause the original game was a solid 7/10 and it was made by Relic, definitely one of the better WH40K games out there, but I didn't think it was anything overly special.

This time the game is being made by Sabre Studios, the 40K name in the videogame world is more of an albatross than anything else, but I'll be keeping an eye on this one.

Tyranids look to be the enemies this time around, and it looks like Captain Titus is back, this time as a Primaris Captain/Leftenant.

I hope all of the gameplay this time around is as weighty as the jetpack portions. I don't recall the first game so well, but I remember the combat feeling a bit too floaty and light for a Space Marine.


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Mar 10, 2007
I remember Space Marine was a game I looked forward to for a long time, but I can't honestly remember anything about the game other than I played it once, then never again.


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Jan 29, 2005
The trailer looked great, and the few bits of gameplay seem to show something good enough. If it's really action-oriented (and why wouldn't it be) with a decent story line then I'm in. I'm never asking for that much out of the WH40K games. I'm a simple guy, I see something about WH40K and I'm most likely excited for it. Sure, there's been exceptions (like Dawn of War 3... that one still hurts) but yeah, if anything, I'm happy they're even doing that game in the first place.

I used to wish for something like Total War: 40K, but over the years I accepted that it will simply never happen (Fantasy WH instead having taken that spot it seems, forever). So if they just keep doing some action-oriented stuff like Space Marine then sure, bring it, I'll see how it is. My real 'wet dream' scenario now for a WH40K game would be a Horus Heresy game, NOT multiplayer, and NOT open world. It would have to be story driven, single player, cinematic and extremely ambitious (obviously). But I did say dream scenario, because that's dreaming in pretty darn vibrant colors for sure. I think that's why I'm trying to stay content with "whatever else" any devs out there can bring to the table, because the 'real' games I have in mind for that universe would either take 20 years to make or are simply impossible to realize on current hardware (even PC).
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Jun 30, 2003
Praise the emperor and his holy throne!!

Space Marine SP was fun, but my god the multiplayer was addictive. It felt SO GOOD. I still keep space Marine installed just in case I need to scratch that itch. Can't wait!!
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Aug 22, 2001
If you enjoy geeking out on this stuff as much as I do. This is a great breakdown of that trailer, and all of the lore involved.

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Feb 4, 2009
If you enjoy geeking out on this stuff as much as I do. This is a great breakdown of that trailer, and all of the lore involved.

The Emperor Protects!

Also you’ll appreciate a comment I read somewhere basically said “Most Imperial weapons are primarily terror weapons to control humans”
Since Tyrnids or Orks or Space Demonds or space vampires and all the others simply never show fear the only purpose is to keep subjects in line.
Bolsters have no purpose shooting mini unguided rockets, reduced range vs other weapons, increased damage to ridiculous levels instead
Chain sword axes and so on have no good purpose other than to make noise and rip things apart
Melta weapons have little purpose because they are so “over clocked” they tend to melt their users.
War Hounds only exist to house the dead and spread fear.
Titan serve no purpose legitimate artillery couldn’t fill. Titans only purpose is to scare the crap out of people.
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