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US Embassy in Pakistan under attack

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Nov 17, 2011
it would be a hardship on us; but we could adjust.

And either the rest of the world fills in the gap that the US leaves economically to the ME oil or the ME oil will itself suffer.
People make it sound like the US couldnt survive without oil in the Middle East, they would still be able to survive.

You do realize that having US troops there makes the US less safe, they hate us even more and were more likely to suffer terrorist attacks
Perception is reality and your perception has been indoctrinated. Fact is we would be fine, we would have to adjust, but we would spur wealth generation and job growth like no other.
I like electricity and heat and food - all at the same time. The cost of electricity (mostly produced through oil fired plants), heat (most people heat with electricity or oil), and food (gasoline is made from oil) would skyrocket. Many people would have to choose which of the three they want to have, with the "all of the above" selection being unavailable.