This jet is so stealthy, we need your help finding it!

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Aug 16, 2012
When he's right he's right I guess.

He now thinks think's the jet is "DEFECTIVE" because it only has one engine and they should have listened to him. And somehow Boeing sucks also. Lol...

On numerous occasions I told the Air Force and Lockheed Martin that the F-35 Fighter Jet is, in effect, DEFECTIVE, because it only has one engine," he wrote. "They told me that the engine is so good and reliable that it will never break down."

"I said that’s not possible, everything breaks down at one time or another, just look at Crooked Joe Biden. You need redundancy, you need TWO ENGINES! No high cost modern day plane should have only one engine. Well, an F-35 fell out of the sky yesterday. Hear we go again!"

So .... It’s all Boeing’s fault that their arch-enemy Lockheed built a POS jet. Riiigght. Just go back to your rubber room Donnie and we’ll get you some porridge and a paper straw to eat it with. And if Trump is suffering from the onset of dementia, who the hell would be able to tell?

The article provides terrific examples of Trump’s psychosis. None of this, of course, is new.
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