The "I just bought..." thread.

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Jan 7, 2007

my mom's toilet got blocked up. plunger, hot water, baking soda, drain cleaner, no effect and even the minor trickle drain stopped.

so i bought the Rigid prosumer auger. bang zoom 15 seconds of work and it's solved. at almost $50 it is an investment but you also never have to think about it again. Husky makes a $13 version with a pvc tube so there is no reason to ever buy a plunger.

once you are done with the clog, wash the snake, dry it with a paper towel, and rub with a light oil so the next time you use it there wont be a nasty coat of rust staining everything bright orange. i ruined a sink snake by putting it away slightly wet.


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Jan 7, 2007
so i bought the LTT screwdriver to support Linus' lab project where he is hiring industry professionals/engineers to test and validate all kinds of pc equipment/parts as well as other product categories.

project farm did a day1 review comparing it with other readily available product online as well as the Megapro driver that Linus licensed for the bit holder and ratchet design, but the rest of the competitors was a little thin and lacking some of the other known names like the Wiha or the Pbswiss insider pro. so i started looking into some of the other big names.
project farm ratcheting screwdriver showdown:

so after some spelunking down the tools forums and internet searches into the Rolgear patent, i came across the gedore/kraftgrip/hazet multi bit driver. they licensed the ratchet design from Robert Suter the founder of Rolgear and the driver is made by Oplast in slovenia.

rolgear roller bearing ratchet:

the LTT is a very well built product with some nice features for pc and electronics use. it is very much a fidget toy, an expensive one but still worth it if they ever have it on sale from the $69.99 price. Linus' 'trust-me-bro' warranty means if anything breaks they will most likely send you a brand new one with some minor verification(send a picture of broken part). the grip is a little slick and the 3 lobe design flares in some odd places for me.

the Gedore is a little rougher is some areas. the bit holder might need some lubrication on the slide rails and the handle has a tiny bit of play when in the open position but is solid when closed. the direction switch knob is a little small (it is fine on the slimmer handle of the Rolgear but doesnt work as well with the flared end of the Oplast design) and can have an awkward feel if the roller bearings are in the wrong place when you change directions. the Gedore bit holder is just way easier to see which type of bit is where, whereas the LTT has the advantage of not needing to change your grip see the other side by just spinning the holder (though the dark finish and endcap make it harder to identify the smaller bits). the grip between the blue sections is some kind of hard overmold elastomer while the tapered waist section is some hard polymer with a rough grippy texture. the 2 lobe design falls more naturally into my grip with my finger tips falling on the flats on the edge of the tapered waist section.

if you splurge on something like this the primary reason to do it is the ratchet. the LTT is a very fine grain/high tooth gear with minimal backforce design that feels very good. the Gedore roller bearing is just a different beast entirely, just so so smooth with no minimum for how much you turn back. one of the reasons i went down this rabbit hole was the fact that the Rolgear bearing ratchet can be taken apart and cleaned/lubed by the user. the LTT is friction/interference fit while the part is hot from the injection molding, so you cant open it up.

this will probably be my one and only journey into the semi-premium tool market, but it was fun distraction. i got the Gedore from in the US for $55, seemingly the only place available online without having to order from the EU. otherwise most people will probably be better off getting the Megapro for $35.
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Nov 30, 2004
Maybe, but just a hobby so far. Boss is getting old, and I think the engineer will die soon(serious). My goal is to shut down the company in an orderly fashion, and never survey again. I'd give some consideration to working directly for my main construction client, but I'd rather get into treework. I'm getting old though, so who knows?

I got the quickie cause I thought it might be useful sometime to join rope where a biner is less than optimal. I usually just make loops with rope, but it might be nice to have on occasion. The thimble is to add friction in the tree to lower stuff by myself. *I still need to buy the rope and splice it. I'm waiting a short while in case there's something else I want to buy. I'm good for putting an order together, and forgetting an item :^S

*To make a sling for the thimble

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Feb 3, 2021
This morning I purchased 8 dining chairs stashed by a defunct Chinese restaurant. They were very dirty after 10 years in the storage shed, but still had factory-placed plastic wrap protecting the dark red seat cushions. And they were UNUSED (a.k.a. NEW). Made in Taiwan.

Only paid $40 for the set!! The seller had 70 to get rid of.

Mostly like these here . . . but stained reddish, with high rungs, and mine only have an engraving on the seat-back, not this cutout section. Plus the seat cushion is dark red and screwed in place (not loosely strapped).


Jan 14, 2013
after talking about Serengeti's, and trying my old scratched up pair while driving and then my Ray-Bans and Maui Jim's, I needed some a set of fresh and virgin Serengeti brown drivers lens shades in my life.

edit: they have a short 40% off sale on their website right now

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Aug 21, 2003
Nexus replacement bolt for my Scorpion Evo 3 carbine. Steel on the original is too soft and I'm getting the wear on and around the striker block as the round count goes up that is concerning for possible OOB detonation.



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Oct 1, 2003
Received my 12" Kicker tailgate sub, Kicker amp, wiring kit, and ditch lights for my Bronco. Few more things coming.

Sub cover was damaged in shipping. Can't take it off either. Don't feel like sending it back, won't affect performance. Probably try to pull it out after install a bit though.20230213_165916.jpg


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Feb 14, 2004
This is a solution to a dumb problem I've been dealing with my entire life: how to easily & effectively get chopped ingredients from the cutting board into a pot! The solution is a flexible kitchen ingredient scoop!

The "Scooper Duper" from Amazon is $18. Little bit pricey, but worth the money for people like me who are easily aggravated! lol. The procedure:

1. Chop up your ingredients on your cutting board
2. Use your knife to slide them onto the flexible scoop
3. Press the soft part in the middle to bend the scoop & then tilt into your Instapot so that stuff doesn't fall off the sides! BRILLIANT!