The first 2012 Presidential Debate - 10\03\12 - 6 p.m. PT (9p.m. ET)

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Aug 21, 2003
Investing in green energy is one thing, but throwing billions of dollars down the crapper is another. Maybe invest in companies that aren't going to fail the minute you write the check might be an idea........;)
Romney inflated the number of companies that failed it was 30% not 50%, mostly solar firms which are hazardous investments for anyone. I would have preferred the government put that money into providing tax credits for solar installations that use only US manufactured cells instead.

On the whole Romney's remarks appear to include many misleading and outright wrong statements that have long been talking points in his campaign and he kept going back to them. Romney only won because Obama allowed him to treat the debate like an infomercial.


Dec 7, 2009
Obama: Business gets tax deductions for shipping jobs to china.
Romney: Business gets tax deductions for shipping jobs to china? I need a new accountant
Was starting to wonder if I was the only one who picked that up. When Romney said that I asked the wife if he really just said he needs to find out if he can get more money out of dumping jobs.
Problem is most of the American people didn't pick up on that. Did you hear any of the journalists or commentators mention it?

Most of the American people just put a 'Romney won' stamp on this one and moved on. They have no idea they are about to vote for someone that doesn't give a shit about them.

Ronald Raygun: The Gipper
Ron "Mittens" Romney: The Job Shipper
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