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The end of the U.S. government

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Jul 29, 2001
National Debt is no problem just nationalize it as Soviets did when they collapsed... the big problem is our trade deficit and we must pay a penalty if the global system is to be brought back into equilibrium. It starts with foreigners owning our businesses and buying our lands as they try and give these dollars back to us then when thats over with our currency so depreciated no American can afford anything our former companies produced or land we used to own because we don't make anything anyone wants. Mexicans or other immigrants are prepared better for the fallout but won't be immune to it either. We'll have to rebuild our industry and government like the soviets did. In a way you could look at it like we both lost cold war our loss is just a little delayed.


Oct 27, 2006
Originally posted by: Socio
The US will be gone by 2100 give or take a few years.

The mass importation of immigrants from south of the border and elsewhere will never stop just get worse. This will lead to the US will becoming a one party state, democrat by 2025. In fact GWB just might be the last Republican president the country ever sees.

By 2050 Democrats will yield much of the country to incoming foreigners, their customs, religions, culture, and ultimately the majority vote power. As a result the country will be plagued by corruption and poverty, so bad both US government and State Governments will no longer be able to afford welfare, any form of social security, Medicare, or any other type of free services. To avoid any civilian uprisings over this the right to bare arms will be abolished and bans on all fire arms will be passed.

By 2075 due to massive debt accrued by the US government from rising corruption, poverty and unrest, US military spending will stop, our nuclear arsenal will be dismantled and likely sold off along with warships, planes, carriers etc?.

By 2100 the US military will be in shambles, citizens will have no arms to protect them selves. China?s population will be busting at the seams and they will need new land for their people. So China will invade, easily gain control of the country, slaughter everyone and move in and the United States of America will be hence fourth known as New Asia.

By 2200 the Chinese will have taken over Canada Mexico, Central and South America, Arab Muslims will have taken over Europe, India, and other nations surrounding Asia. The Arabs Muslims will be pushing in on Asia; this will force the Asians to flee to New Asia, be assimilated, or die.

By 2300 the White and Hispanic races will be extinct the Muslim empire will have engulfed what was left of Asia as well as Australia and New Zeeland. They will eventually clash with the New Asian Empire in a massive war of supremacy that will start with control over the Chinese occupied Hawaiian Islands and end with the destruction of the world.

The end!
OMG save us from teh evil immigrants!

Btw, we'll have both Republican and Democrat presidents for a long time to come. Hint; Illegals don't vote, and here in Texas, mexican-americans generally support Republicans. Taken as a whole, Mexicans are family-oriented and work-focused people. Only in your distorted fearful fantasies are they over here for the sole purpose of raping, killing, and voting Democrat :p