The anti-DRM thread

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Aug 14, 2000
I picked up Halo MCC on Steam which requires an xbox live account. No big deal right? People always tell us "oh, it just takes 5 minutes to setup a free throwaway account". So I did that.

Played for an hour, then came back the next day to find my account had been locked due to "potential fraud". That's right folks, a free account with no emails, no purchases, and no credit card information was somehow committing fraud.

To unlock it, all I had to do was provide my cellphone number to Microsoft who promised never to share it with anyone. Sure, sure, and when they get hacked it's "please change your passwords, kai thx bai".

Screw you Microsoft. I setup another account and so far it's still working. But if they ban it again I'm asking for a refund. Luckily in this case it's Steam that controls actual ownership, so I only lost some campaign progress.

But it really does show that DRM is basically an assessment of your "worthiness", checked at every game launch. And at the snap of their fingers companies can remove it without warning, for whatever reason.

"Oh, this sort of thing never happens", we're repeatedly told.

Yes it does.
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Apr 27, 2000
That's sloppy. MS should be able to use your Steam credentials instead of having to make you use an Xbox Live account.


Jun 17, 2005
That's sloppy. MS should be able to use your Steam credentials instead of having to make you use an Xbox Live account.
Then they would have to abide by Steam's rules. This way Microsoft can promise you anything, then change it next week in a 200 page TOS change that flashes on your screen in the amount of time it takes to his the OK button. Then they have all the data, and can do basically anything they like with it.


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Nov 16, 2006
I ran into a problem trying to launch FarCry Blood Dragon off my steam account the other day (looks like a quick, quirky game. Should be fun to burn through).

Except it looks like I already registered that game with a Uplay account years ago and... I have no idea what that Uplay account is.

I know I have a host of games with other launchers places, but now my "worst nightmare" of the multi-launcher scenario has come true: I clearly own the game in steam, but without the associated Uplay account the game is just dead weight.

I'll go back and give the thing another crack, there were a handful if e-mail addresses and passwords I tried to stick with, so hopefully its some combination of those.

Really reinforces my desire to stick with one platform at most, and for better or worse at this point that Platform is Steam.