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Techpowerup/Chiphell/3DCenter: AMD 6990 launches March 8th - uses two 6970 Cores

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Dec 25, 2008

It's up for sale now

Sapphire £491.66 pre-VAT


HIS £474.99 pre-VAT


From those prices, my thinking is we are looking at $649 at newegg. I'm hoping AMD decides to push for price pressure and brings these out at $599. It will make the 6990 an incredibly viable purchase. At $600 I'll buy two of these once I see a review confirming the performance of two 6990s in quadfire.
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Jan 1, 2010
The pricing is about 2x the 6970's, if newegg followed that it would be 650-700. Imo, they won't be below 700.

The added costs incurred when these things are returned, rma'd, or delivered damaged. Add in limited availability, early high demand. There are people that have waited for the best that will pay more than even makes sense.
Guess we will know sooooon :)


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Aug 30, 2004
Does anyone know when newegg usually posts new products on release date or is it just "sometime on the release date"?


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Oct 10, 1999
Come on now, I've been told on many occasions that 300W is just an arbitrary number. Now you're telling that the "powers that be" are actually knowledgeable. Who would have thunk it? /sarc

Seriously though, thanks for stating what should be obvious to everyone. The PCI-SIG is made up by professionals from all fields in the industry. They work out specs that are the most beneficial to everyone in the industry. They are a compromise, as these things have to be to take everyone into account, but it doesn't mean that the people on one side of the isle should just ignore the regulations they've all worked out.

Not that I am at all surprised by this, it is now just one more example of what has happened time and again in this industry.

No different than the CPU heatsink spec weight limit violations for the ATX or the Vdimm spec voltage limits for DDR2.

And FWIW you completely mistook what I was trying to communicate regarding the word arbitrary. From an engineering standpoint the number "300W" is arbitrary, the arbitrariness is self-evident in the lack of significant figures associated with the number. If it were an actual engineering constraint then it would be something like 301.135W, a number with precision in its specification that would belay the data-driven nature by which the number was generated.

As it stands, 300W is no more significant than 301W or 299W, the last digit is insignificant (mathematically and scientifically, hence the number is arbitrary with respect to any other number of equivalent significant digits).

You've probably heard this phrased as "within rounding" or some such. But in engineering the term has significance. 300W is as arbitrary as 299W and as 301W.

Nevertheless the bigger picture is just as was described and discussed earlier in this thread. Spec limits are born from real limitations and concerns, be they economic or engineering limitations. Resolve those limitations and you can make a product that violates the spec but addresses the root of the limitations captured by the spec in the first place.

This happens all the time in the world around you, it is reality, scream at if you like but until you are an engineer who has worked in the field and made products that see the light of market you will probably never fully understand how the system works or why it works the way it does.

From my perspective all I can do is try and convey a bit of this reality to you, and I'll never be good at it as most engineers have the communication skills of a rock and I am no exception. :) :p


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Nov 18, 2007
The performance are just beastly but damn is that card noisy as hell. Quadfire performance seems to be also pretty good on some games although it seems like the CPU does start to bottleneck it.
Are there any reviews out there with eyefinity performance numbers?