Sweclockers - Intel "Coffee Lake" lacks year-round availability close to AMD's next generation

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dark zero

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Jun 2, 2015
That's why when discussing possible price adjustments in the Ryzen line I warned AMD may simply wait and see how Intel's supply holds up. If they can't meet demand prices will skyrocket or shelves will be empty, in which case Ryzen will still sell (almost as) well at current prices.

With the upcomming Ryzen 2 and Raven Ridge near to hit the shelves, is hard to see the current gen maintain the prices.


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Jan 12, 2013
Neither of these are coming this year.
It is unless you think this slide (c/o reddit) is fake &/or AMD is lying?


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Jan 1, 2012
Neither of these are coming this year.
Correct. Zen+ is in Februrary or March, then Zen 2 a year after that. Zen 3 (2020) may or may not be on AM4, depending on the status of DDR5 and/or Pcie4. Raven Ridge desktop I'd expect to launch with Zen+, as I have a sneaking suspicion they are on the same process.


Feb 25, 2004
Seems like buying a 7700K went from the only chip to buy to just overpriced.

And what is up with the motherboards. They really bungled that. Ian had his review talking about changing nothing at all on the socket. Motherboards on newegg have socket 1151 and socket 1151 (300 series). Nobody even put v2 or here or anything? *I* know these two sockets are not compatible at all...for reasons we can debate the merits but don't need too. But I've noticed from reading many still people think they are compatible because it was a popular theory they would be for so long coupled with the fact they...are the same socket. I think there's going to be a fair number of returned motherboards and/or cpus because Intel was two cheap to add a dummy pin.

Which brings me to my other point...we can (maybe, no need to rehash this) understand why you can't install the new chips in the old boards but why can't you install the old chips in the new boards? At least then you could price cut the kabylake stuff and delude people into it being an midpoint build to keep that stuff moving. With its current pricing situation the whole 1151 retroactive v1 platform only seems like its useful if you want a bottom of the barrel budget platform...unless you could somehow get a 7700K for really cheap. Basically what I'm saying is if availability is bad then hanging multiple "don't buy this" signs all over existing 1151 stuff may end up being a bad idea in the short term.

On the other hand, OEMs probably take whats on offer so it might not matter much.