Something terrible has happened to me.

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Jun 14, 2001
I'm so sorry. Yesterday would have been my brother's 28th birthday (I'm his older brother by one year). Been almost 4 years since he passed. I couldn't imagine losing my father.


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Jan 2, 2006
:( :brokenheart:

<3 SlitheryDee


Originally posted by: winr
Hi SlitheryDee.

I wish you and your grandparents peace of mind and I mourn with you.:(

We are all here for you as you can see by the replys :sun:

I am stunned by this and cant imagine going through what you are enduring.

My Dad is 83 and in great health, I am 51 and in great health also.

I still hug my Dad and tell him I love him.

I am going to see my Father tomorrow when I pick up my Grandson and hug him for you.

Another poster suggested posting a picture of your Dad, that would be nice so we could could see him and remember him.


Thank you once again.

I don't have any pics that I can post right now. In fact, it kinda distresses me that I can't find very many photos of him period. My grandparents have quite a few chilhood pictures, but very few of him as I remember him. I might ask some of his buddies if they have anything digital tomorrow.



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Jan 4, 2004
OMG i am so sorry :(

I hope you find the strength to get thru what must be an incredibly difficult time :(


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Oct 16, 1999
Originally posted by: SlitheryDee
Originally posted by: Savarak
sorry for your loss... what was he doing in front of a night club anyway?

Well my dad was a very social person. He had more friends than I'll ever have, the hundreds of people that attended his wake and funeral are a testament to this. He also liked to hang out at bars with his buddies, sometimes until late at night. That may or may not be acceptable behavior to some, but he was always about enjoying life. I'll admit that he probably lived more in his last year than I have in my entire life.

He was an incredibly friendly, jovial, and personable man who could make everyone he came in contact with feel that they were his special friend. This is something that I cannot begin to emulate or even describe, but it's true nevertheless. He loved living, and he lived until the end.

I have a picture of him from before I was born showing him barechested in a fishing boat
pulling a catfish off of his hook wearing a hat that said "Good to look at, Better to touch" which everyone says is a classic depiction of how he lived. I rather like this image of him.

I am so sorry for your loss. Remenber the saying äs long as one person remembers me I'm not really gone"? I think it applies perfectly to a man like your Dad, he'll surely be remembered fondly and with many smilies for years and years to come.


May 29, 2003
:( This saddens me beyond pathetic words can describe, you have my full sympathy and support.



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Jun 22, 2006
Well, if what you say is true, your dad set a great example of why people should always make the most out of their lives while they can, and think NOW instead of making plans into a future that may never happen... Im sure in his last moments he was proud of the life he lived, and thats what makes life worthy

Sorry about the loss