So do you think this post was demeaning to someone?

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Jun 8, 2009
Originally posted by: TechBoyJK
Originally posted by: Candymancan21
This is funny, i have been posting on forums for years and years now and this is the first time i have ever gotten warned for something as stupid as this. I recently joined an Astronomy forum because i bought 10" telescope. I posted on a guys review for a 10" telescope from a different brand saying that i agreed on his bad points about the scope and thats why i bought the other one. The admin thinks that was a insult and warned me lol.

Basically at the end of the review he made a Seperate page saying he didn't like the telescope because it used tension springs to hold it down so when you move the scope it made alot of noise.

Here is his little warning pretty stupid huh ?

Candyman, I deleted a post you made . It was demeaning to the AF member who started the thread. I don't recall the exact wording.

Take a look at your response to jasontimmer's review of his XT10: "Thanks for the review. You bad points is why i decited to get a Zhumell instead. Its more updated scope when it comes to those Springs you mentioned. It uses Bearings instead and it can support more weight."

Not he nor anyone needs to know why you think his choice is inferior to your choice. We here at AF are here to encourage and assist one another.

Do you see your comments as encouraging? Have you made his day brighter? It is really poor taste to emphasize the negative about someone's choice. Do you know the saying, "If you haven't something good to say, don't say it"? It applies here. Correct the behavior or you WILL be "shown the door".


You should have said

"Thanks to your fabulous review, I was able to weigh all of the positive marks you made and make a more informed decision on my purchase. Unfortunately, the device you reviewed had xyz flaws, etc.."

Attack the product, not the poster.


where did you attack the guy? You said he made bad points?

No in his review he said this. Copy and pasted from the thread

So the bad: this scope is noisy and heavy. Noise might not be a factor for some people, but I live in a crowded area and it's nice to bring the scope out in the middle of the night without waking the neighbors. Plus, I find annoying noise... annoying. First, the correctension springs bounce off the OTA while I carry it, which makes quite a racket. I could take them off first but that's even more work. Second, and worst of all in terms of design, is the bottom plate of the mount. It's held in by a single bolt, and you have to screw it in just so, so that the mount still swivels on it's azimuth but doesn't flop around. That means that when you carry it, these two boards knock against each other quite loudly. It's like I'm walking through the hallways, banging drums. Also, I live on a 3rd floor apartment and it's a bit of a pain lugging this scope up and down the stairs, but I guess I asked for it.

So then my post said this.

Thanks for the review. Your bad points "I was refering to his So the bad:" is why i decited to get a Zhumell instead. Its a more updated scope when it comes to those Springs you mentioned. It uses Bearings instead and it can support more weight

This is the orignal thread. Oh and yes iv already posted this on the forum feedback for all to see how stupid the moderator is.


Jun 5, 2006
The mod sounds like a fanboy and you just insulted his small-penis-brand.


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May 14, 2003
Moral of the story: Never insult another man's telescoping device, even if he insulted it first!


Dec 9, 2001
My guess is by "bad points", the mod thought you meant "points that you disagree with" instead of "telescope cons"


May 4, 2001
Originally posted by: Candymancan21
Check this thread out while it lasts. One guy is saying he would have banned me if he was admin not given me a warning haha..

BTW, regardless of Bob's comments, if you had done this while I was an Admin the you would have been banned in a heartbeat.

The issue was private (as it should be) till you made it public. If you don't like it here, move on, but quit whining.

By "this", I'm pretty sure he means if you had made such a mod callout thread on any boards he administered. Such threads earn users vacations and/or bansticks here too.

That said, BobDob's original "moderation" was incredibly lame.


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Feb 11, 2007
This is why I like ATOT. We have the best, most intelligent and reasonable mods on the internets.


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Dec 31, 2005
Oh I get it. Mod is not a very good reader. He's reading you saying "your bad points" as in

"your crummy points"

"your dumbass points"

What a LOOSER!