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  • Community Question: What makes a good motherboard?

So anyone got a Ryzen 5000 yet? DC benchmarks? ;)

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Dec 29, 2005
I took a possibilistic approach there, rather than a probabilistic one. ;-)
The ECC memory wiki is an interesting read. My gigabyte aurus master x570 board does support unbuffered ECC memory although I've read you need to choose memory modules that are on the QVL list. Something to consider I think.


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Jan 11, 2000
Just reading AnandTech's review of them now (so no idea when they're actually available atm). Performance looks good!

So I know some of you guys are on the cutting edge :) , anyone ordered one? Or got one yet? lol
I have started building a new rig last month in preparation of the Zen 3.
Only missing GPU(To be delivered soon) Asus 5700XT

Sadly in Canada they are all out of stock on Zen 3. I'm looking at the 5800X.
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