Share 3-4 br apt or house in alexandria/springfield/lorton area?

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Apr 21, 2000
Originally posted by: beatle
Originally posted by: AvesPKS
Originally posted by: beatle
I work for the Government, but not in DC. I'm about 2 1/2 miles from where I work, actually. (You can probably figure this out if you know the area well enough. ;))

Pentagon? Crystal City? My aunt works in Crystal City and commutes from Chuck County.

Nah, I'm not that close. I used to live in Crystal City and then Rosslyn though. :D

I'm just off South King's Highway (not King St.) and I work in Alexandria.

A coworker also lives close and his wife commutes to Bethesda! :Q

Ah, gotcha. A woman I worked with last summer commutes from Bethesda to DC. I commuted from Charles County to DC (Buzzard's Point, right next to Fort McNair and just off S. Capitol Street coming into DC from the South) and it was about an hour commute each way (like I said, though, I rode in a coach bus the whole way, so I got to sleep, or read, or just relax. It was nice).