SantaTech Giveaway Contest! *Updated*


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Sep 14, 2002
Apparently, the winner of the 6TB HDD was unable to claim their prize and has graciously donated it his prize to give to somebody else! I have created a new ticket and it is set to do a new drawing on 01/15/2016 12:00pm. So, a big thank you to "BTRY B 529th FA BN" for giving somebody else a chance to win a hefty hard drive!

The other winners have gotten their prizes and will hopefully be putting them to work soon!... Actually, something happened with shipping and the graphics card got sent back to me, but it is out again and tracking proves it! :)

Thank you again everybody for your interest and good luck to the folks that entered previously for the drive (I did not forget you this time "elite retard").

Hope to have another giveaway during Pascal/Arctic Islands season!

And here is the link to the drawing!

Here are the links for the drawings set to take place at noon tomorrow! You can view the random algorithm this site uses on their main page if you're in to that sort of thing.

It seems like the GPU had the most entries. I spoke with esquared and I may have another drawing when the Pascal GPUs hit the market and have a mid-high-end GPU to giveaway as well as an old Titan X.

And here they are! The "items" listed in this ticket are actually the user names from the folks that entered. In case I'm not here the moment the drawing happens, the winners can feel free to contact me directly. Alternatively, if people that entered multiple/all want to exchange/switch with somebody else, you may do so in private and both users will have to contact me directly to confirm it. This is so some folks may have really wanted 1 thing vs another. - SSD - HDD - AMD APU Set - GPU (GPU is an MSI GTX 960 OC model) {I had left a name off so the original link is void and will not count. The link here is the new current link, so if you never saw it, you're good}

I spoke with esquared and he agreed to allow the contest to run until next Saturday. We are hoping to get a few more entries in and for folks to see there has been another prize added. Also keep a look out, as another prize may present itself in the next few days as well!

Anybody that entered for all prizes previously will automatically be entered in for any new prizes as well.

Greetings Everybody!

It’s that time of year again and I am feeling generous and in the giving spirit. I am fortunate enough to work at a company where I get a number of freebies and I very seldom utilize them all. Rather than just sell everything in the For Sale section of this site, I would rather they go to folks here that will put them to good use!

Now, this is not my first Rodeo. I did another similar giveaway a few years back, so trust me, this is legit. I have the full cooperation of the Mods and the last time, the winners of this giveaway even posted a pic of their new toys!

Without further ado, the nature and rules of the contest are quite simple! Simply reply to this thread with which prize you want to be entered in for and what you would do with said prize if you are the lucky winner! Currently, there are 3 main prizes that I will list right below, but there IS the chance of MORE prizes being added during the contest. Anybody that says they want to enter in for a chance to win any of the prizes will automatically be entered for any additional prizes I add on.

1. Unfortunately, this contest will be limited to the North American Continent. If you are located in Canada or Mexico, you understand you may be responsible for duty/taxes/whatever.
2. Each user may only enter once, but may enter for all prizes, or just 1.
3. ANYBODY may enter that meets the above 3 rules. This includes Mods and Admins! 

As folks enter, their names will be added to a Spreadsheet, and later listed to a page online. The signups will cease on 12/20/2015 at 5:00pm EST. On Monday, a system will run all the names and choose the winners at random. I don’t know which system I will use yet, but I’m sure there’s plenty out there! It will appear online the closer we get with the list of names. That way everybody can see the who the winners are as it happens!

The prizes are as followed:

1. Geforce GTX 960 (I am not listing a brand, as I have a few and don’t know which I will ship until it ships!)
2. 256GB Samsung SM951 M.2 SSD (Make sure your motherboard has a compatible port)
3. 6TB White Label Hard Drive (This is a generic for a WD Red drive, so will work as a single internal or external HDD with a case for storage, or in some type of array or NAS)
4. AMD A6-7400K BE + Gigabyte GAF2A68MDS2H A68H + 2x2GB DDR3 Memory (Will be minimum 1600, up to 2133).

Thank you, everybody, for viewing this thread and thank you (in advance) for entering! I hope everybody has a wonderful and safe Holiday Season.

A special thanks to the Mods for allowing me to run this contest again and a very special thanks to “esquared” for working with me directly and all the back and forth setting this up! I look forward to the announcement of the winners and more contests next year. I hope to run these contests more than just around the December Holidays. Perhaps when the new Pascal cards come out, I will have a giveaway for 1 or both of my “old” Titan X cards and the wife’s 980 cards!


I will be creating 1 random drawing "ticket" from a site called Random Result. Once the drawing is closed, I will create the tickets and set a scheduled time for the site to pick a random person. A link to the ticket will be pasted in here so folks can hit refresh repeatedly when the time draws closer! :)

I will also be adding a couple more things to the list this weekend from the looks of things.

Thanks again everyone for entering! :D
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Mar 9, 2009
Put me in the running for all; SSD, 960, 6 TB HD. I would like to build a budget micro atx box for my living room.


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Jul 2, 2011
I'd like to enter for the GTX 960. My sons 560 is getting a little long in the tooth so it would be a nice upgrade.


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Apr 18, 2014
I want everythingggg

1. GTX 960 - System for the sisters
2. 256GB Samsung SM951 - boot drive
3. 6TB White Label Hard Drive - Make external for family media center storage.


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Jul 7, 2011
GTX 960, please! My son would go nuts over such a huge video upgrade to his machine!


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Apr 26, 2007
I want in for the potential future prizes!

I don't really need any of the other stuff. I have a 7870, and don't really need any storage.


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Aug 19, 2001
Please enter me for everything, the GPU, SSD, and HDD.

GPU and SSD could go into my brother's upcoming HTCP and I'll take the HDD storage for myself.

Thank you please. :)


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May 30, 2000
Please enter me for any of the prizes.
A recent power surge stole my SSD and Storage drive, so any drive would be utilized in my current system. If I was awarded the GTX 960, it would be an awesome upgrade to the 8400 GS currently in use. LOL!

EDIT: Include me in on the combo as well. I know a single mom of 5 that could use an upgrade. Thanks
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Jan 18, 2000
Thanks for the generosity.
I''d be interested in 6TB HDD. And if it ever happens dibs on the "old" Titan cards or your wife's 980 cards.


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Jun 10, 2007
in for the ssd and 6TB drive

EDIT: And the video card, if it is a 970 or better. If it is the 960 then someone else can have it. The 970 or better would be a good upgrade for me o.o
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Jun 12, 2005
In for the SSD. My wifes hard disk is failing and I would like to update it to an SSD.


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Dec 18, 2005
Enter me for the GTX 960. Recently built a new dual quad xeon 5355 to "upgrade" a q6600 that had served me well. The Mobo didn't have built in graphics so it got the GTX620 from the q6600 bow that was going to retire. Turns out the Q6600 box had built in graphics and, well, it still worked so it still crunches but misses it's old card. Would put the new card in the Dual Xeon and have a decent gaming box and the old GTX620 back home with the q6600 and make it happy.


Nov 12, 2013
If you can put me in for the SSD that would be awesome. Thanks for doing such things, it's really nice


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Mar 11, 2011
I'm in for the SSD if it's the AHCI version of the SM951.

I'm also in for the 6TB White Label Hard Drive.

So 2 & 3 for me please :)

Edit: Add me for the #4 too please.
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Jan 9, 2010
I'd love the hard drive or the video card. I probably could buy them, but I think that food and heat have priority.

Props for running the contest.

Happy Holidays!