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Nov 28, 2007
Hello everybody,

I have a quick question that I couldn't find an answer for everywhere I searched. So I have a C32HG70 Samsung monitor bought in April. A week ago I found three dead pixels on the screen: two are near each other making a big black dot and the third one is 4 cm further apart.

Now I e-mailed Samsung and to Samsung service in my country ( I'm in Europe ) and both have said that I should take the monitor to the service so that an "expert" should take a look at it. Nobody is able to tell me what is the agreed dead pixel warranty policy for Samsung monitors. Now, I really want to avoid spending weeks with my monitor in service, maybe for nothing, so that the so called "expert" will say that there is nothing they can do about it, even though it's in warranty.

I've seen on Samsung international site that warranty applies for more then 7 dead pixels. Has anyone been through dead pixels hassle with Samsung?


Oct 2, 2010
So I have to live with it now, it seems...
That's modern displays in general.

When you're asking for 3.5M+ pixels on your display, a handful of pixels having issues isn't really all that surprising.

If you want assured perfect panels, you have to pay a hefty price.

Even professional dell monitors have a pixel policy similar to Acer's. Allowing for up to 6 dead (dark) pixels before it can be replaced under warranty.

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May 24, 2005
In my experience, with today's monitors the only monitors that will reliably have little or no dead pixels are 1080p displays because it's such a mature manufacturing process.

4K is the worst. I went through 3 x Acer XB321HKs, 2 x LG 32UD99s, 4 x Samsung U32D970Qs, 2 x Samsung U32E850Rs, 5 x Acer B326HKs, 3 x Benq EW3270Us trying to find a 4k desktop monitor without dead pixels--(in the process I almost got banned on Amazon LOL). Not a single one didn't have at least 1, I ended up settling for an Acer XB321HK with a dead pixel in a far corner. Truth is most of these displays have dead pixels if you spend time looking for em. I've decided to just give up and stop looking. I find once you pretend they aren't there, it's not so bad. Even my $1k OLED smart phone has a dead pixel, this just comes with the territory today.

Even high end, expensive medical grade displays with multi thousand dollar price tags like high end NECs have tons of dead pixels if it's a high res display.

It's just something you have to live with these days. It's not like the early 2000s when dead pixels were somewhat less common.

This is also why I favor larger displays these days. The bigger they are, the further back you can sit and the less you will notice any dead pixels.
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Nov 28, 2007
I'll try to pretend that the pixels aren't there anymore and the posts above are helping. I didn't know that this is quite a common situation nowadays. The dead pixels aren't even in the center of the screen, so it should be even easier to forget about it.

It's quite shocking for me, that the best and most expensive monitor I ever had, is the only one that has dead pixels. Never had a dead/stuck one in all the other 1080p screens that I owned.