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Samsung 850 Pro 128 GB shows 1 reallocated sector

Vivek N

Junior Member
Apr 19, 2018
I have a Dell Precision M6700 with two Samsung 850 Pro 128 drives with Arch Linux
I use it in software RAID-0 configuration (along with an m-sata and another Intel SSD)

Recently I noticed that the "Reallocated sector count" for one of the drives is 1

Here is the SMART data for both drives ( I had bought one initially and then the next after a few days)

I back up regularly - but should I worry about this single sector error - is it worth doing an RMA?
I'll have to migrate my setup out from the RAID - not too hard, but an annoying chore.

I've done a SMART extended self test on the drive and it reports no errors

The drives were bought in January 2017 AFAIK
Also if anyone from India is here, how easy is the RMA process with Samsung (I've had good experience with Seagate and WD here, this is my first Samsung)

Thanks in advance!


Platinum Member
Aug 8, 2001
Yes, get out of SSD RAID.

It might be "natural auto leveling" indicator. How old is the drive/how much I/O has it seen?