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Ryzen 2600X vs 15-9400F for $850 Budget on 1080p work/gaming PC...?

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Mar 19, 2017
Not exactly zero fresh air. The front of the cubby is completely open, where the dual 120mm intake fans are. And there's a few inches at the top, between the top of the PC case, and the upper shelf/top of cubby. The problem is, the back of the cubby, only has some smaller openings at the bottom and top rear, mostly for cable routing, and not airflow.

This is compounded by the fact that the case has no top ventilation.
Ok, take pc out of the cubby and see what happens to the temps.


Aug 25, 2001
Well, I told BOINC to "No new tasks" on PrimeGrid, and I came back and logged into my PC, and it was running 6 PrimeGrid tasks. (I had read one task per core was a way to maximize L3 cache effectiveness, so I changed that setting last night, to use 50% of the CPU threads.)

Anyways, the GPU tasks had finished, and CPU temps are now hovering around 85C, and clocks around 3.91Ghz, according to Ryzen Master. So, clearly, the hot air from the GPUs was rising up to the CPU area.

Maybe I need to get a case, with "thermal isolated zones", for PSU, GPUs, CPU, etc. Do they make something like that? I think Apple did at one point, and maybe ThermalTake?