[rant] stupid ATTBI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Aug 15, 2000
If you'd have called in the same day that it arrived and I got you on the phone, I would make two calls and you'd have some sort of monetary reimbursement for dissatisfactory, unprofessional, and downright sloppy service, plus you'd be online and browsing with your own modem with a scheduled trouble-call for a tech to come out and pick up the modem at no cost.

Since it's not the same day, the local office is going to be a bitch. And, three or four months ago, AT&T said that we can no longer edit/service accounts of people that we know or our own accounts. That means I can no longer call up friends who I know are having problems, hit the record button on the phone to make it an official AT&T call, and do some troubleshooting, etc., to get it fixed. Now, if you don't come up the pipe from Tier1 to me, I can get in serious trouble if not fired.

But... then again, when it's a simple registration problem that I can call you on my cell phone while driving to the beach or something and walk you through a process that's simple, AT&T will never be able to track that or find out that I even did it - so I'll do it. But when it comes to making official changes to accounts, calling Tier1 or your local dispatch supervisor to bust heads or something, my hands are tied. :( Sorry, bro. What you do, is call and insist on having Tier2. If you can't have Tier2, ask for a Tier1 supervisor and insist that a tech come pick up the modem free-of-charge. You didn't order it, and on your original call, you told the tech that you would get your own modem. Demand that a tech come get it without your paying for it with that explanation, and you should be able to do something for the modem issue.

Now... as far as untrained technicians go, I can't ever do anything for that except hope that you make it to my desk instead :cool:

nik (sorry bro)


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Oct 9, 1999
Thanks for the apologies Nik. I've actually already tried talking to the supervisor, and he said the same thing; I can't get anyone to budge on picking up this modem even after I go through all of the hoops. I'm seriously debating wether I want to keep the modem as a "gift" since I didn't order it. At least the Tier 1 was nice, he apologized for not being able to do more, and gladly handed me off to his supervisor. Said supervisor was far more firm though, and repeated said they couldn't come pick it up without me having to pay for it, but wasn't particularly nice like the Tier 1(Think of the super as being Homer Simpson saying no to the kids when they ask "can we have a pool Dad" repeatedly). I even called on the same day the modem arrived too, as you said Nik, and that didn't help. I swear these people need a good kick in the head sometimes.