Picked up an Indo board


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Feb 14, 2004
Basically a neat balance board kit. $180 shipped:


Comes with a board, roller, and inflatable ball. There are a bunch of different kits available (foam stoppers, skateboards, longboards, multiple ball setups for yoga, etc.). Basic buying guide (from 2014) here:


The board is textured for grip (bare feet are fine) & the roller has a few strips of grip tape on it as well. The ball is inflatable to different levels, so you can start out easy (fairly flat, with little air) & then fully inflate it for more advanced stuff. So you basically get a balance board with the roller & a wobble board with the ball. You can get the basics down by playing around with it for an afternoon (i.e. figure out how to balance & how to stop without falling off & breaking your neck). I recommend doing it on carpet (for falls). As far as pricing goes, even the basic kit I got wasn't super cheap; if you're handy, there's a bunch of DIY information out there:



Indo has a bunch of great videos on their Youtube channel:


Lots of tricks you can do:



You can do calisthenics, yoga, all kinds of stuff too:



Anyway, I picked it up because I was looking for a fun new exercise toy. I like calisthenics (bodyweight type of stuff) & prefer to bang out a quick routine every morning for strength training; for cardio, I usually just do something simple like a stepper or stationary bike in front of the TV, so at least I get some exercise in while I'm rotting my brain :awe: I'm not exactly sure what this would be classified as, since it is a pretty good lower-body workout, but I'd probably put it more in the cardio category.

I came across balance boards online recently & read up on them before deciding on the Indo Board. It's actually pretty fun! It seems quite basic at first glance, but there's a bunch of things you can do with them aside from just rocking back & forth...you can do planks, squats, etc. all while trying to keep your balance. I don't know if it really trains you to surf or skate (I do neither) or what balancing on a board would ever correlate to in real life, but it's fun to roll around on while I'm watching Netflix. Anyway, thought I'd share because I hadn't seen this type of workout system before. Something fun to try if you have a few bucks available or want to go the DIY route :thumbsup:


Apr 1, 2001
I took a great surfing lesson in SD last year and the instructor had us spend the entire first hour on land using Indo boards and other implements. Really enjoyed it, but not spending $180...yikes.