Picked up a new bike

Herr Kutz

Platinum Member
Jun 14, 2009
I've been wanting to get a new bike for the past 1-2 years or so and have been waffling back and forth between bikes with flat bars and drop bars. Since I have an old mountain bike already I decided to go with drop bars but needed cross lever brakes to make the transition a bit easier. I thought the crossrip was the bike to get but they discontinued the crossrip elite for this year so I recently read up on the specialized diverge. I found a diverge A1 in one of the local shops and took a quick test ride of the last Thursday and probably would have bought it if they had the black on black version rather than the red. Today I called another shop to see what they had in stock and the salesman said they had a satin oak green subcompact diverge in my size on sale for only $680 so I went in, test rode it, and after another moment of weakness testing out a few flat bar bikes (the crossroad was nice), I bought it. The shop installed cross lever brakes for $25 and I was out of the shop for less than $800 with tax. 6 tuneups are included in the price.

I went for a 18.6 mile round trip bike ride and was able to shave 20 minutes off (from ~1 hour 40 min to 1 hour 20 min) compared to the mountain bike despite some headwinds for a good portion. The lower riding position will take some getting used to but I'm glad to finally have a competent bike. It's amazing how I feel nothing maintaining a constant 14mph and 18mph constant speed is attainable with a little bit of burn in the legs' muscles.

I noticed that the seat is uncomfortable on the long ride I took today so I may have to look into changing it out for a more comfortable one. However, when I'm riding it seems like I am sitting on the front half of the seat which I think is causing the discomfort. Maybe the handlebars need to be brought in a bit closer?

Anywho, here is a picture with some of the accessories I added (front and rear light, water bottle holder, cell phone holder). I plan to add a rack on the back in the coming weeks.