pc games are changing?

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Aug 20, 2005
I'd like to see anyone that whines about the staleness of games try to come up with something completely new thats never been done before AND would appeal to a mass audience.

Oh, and i'd suggest submitting it to game companies b/c its not like theyre sitting there thinking, "Gee, lets try another tired formula, people aren't interested in seeing new things".


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Aug 18, 2006
Well, people want to make money, it's understandable, I want to make lots of money, but I want to make an experience that is very visceral. These dumbed down games appeal to an audience that appears very broad, but I think if you could make a game that is accessible but very deep, it'll go wild on the market. There's a lot of money to be made on the xbox 360 market, and the PC is sort of an aftermarket--however, this depends on what kind of game experience you're looking for. Ultimately, very popular games like BF2 and the Age of Empires series (the latter more so) tend to be deep, yet they appeal to a market spread around the world. (AoE3 sold 1.8 million copies for example). So that's roughly 90 million dollars right there. Plus expansion packs which tend to be cheaper, but also are cheaper to make, so there's money right there.


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Jun 19, 2000
I agree with the OP, a bit. I was floored when Doom came out - an incredible game I played many times, even though I had real work I needed to be doing. Looking back on it, it was amazing that you didn't even need to mouse to play doom. It's hard to imagine a game that can possibly come out that will have anywhere near the wow factor that Doom did. By contrast, I didn't bother finishing half-life 2 - it isn't a very fun game, and most games seem to be going down the same route.


May 1, 2006
Originally posted by: apoppin
what i don't understand

you guys cry and whine about lack of originality yet *none* of you support the indie games

many great imaginative games still being produced ... but the graphics are still '99 :p
[for the most part]

Play *them* ... support the great indie [and often free] games and we will have a PC gaming renaissance
A couple such games are the old-school RPG's by Spiderweb Software, and the MMO 'A Tale in the Desert'.