Paul Oakenfold Essential Mixes from 1999

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Aug 31, 2001
to whoever that have these mixes already,

my 4th one (buenos aires) loses all base around 20 mins into the track. stays like that for the rest of the track.
my 5th one (dont recall the name) is full of skips and static cracks every couple mins.

anyone else have this problem?

yes, i know I am bumping a necro thread. yes I know I am quoting myself from 11 yrs ago (sheesh...11 yrs!!). I came across my stash of Oakenfold Essential mixes and was jamming to them. The quality isn't the best, so I decided to google for torrents of these mixes hoping to find better quality. Low and behold, this old thread came up near the top. Turns out, I downloaded all the mixes from here. If I wasn't able to find better quality back then, I doubt I'll find it now.