P&Ns middle name is and

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Oct 2, 2004


Feb 24, 2009
Quite literally they do. I witnessed three of them all dressed up on a street corner having some fun hoot'in and holler'in among themselves as friends and myself were cruising through Hotel St. downtown Honolulu late at night on our way back home from shooting pool in another district. We were stopped at a stoplight just long enough to see these dudes in a car turning the corner where the queens were at. Guy riding shotgun says something to them, words were exchanged, two guys in the car step out and starts a swearfest with them, next thing you know a really quick and violent brawl occurs and one of the guys ends up in the gutter and the other is lying in the street with one of the queens announcing to the world "Buhdeep buhdeep buhdeep that's all folks!" We all stepped out of our ride and gave the queens a healthy round of "Fuck yeah's" and clapping like hell to which they all took a bow. Surreal as shit but what a show that was.
I used to live in a "mixed" neighborhood when I was in tech school in Atlanta. Oh yea, they have some fun, you should see them on Sunday morning, kind of must up, make up smeared, and a 5 o'clock shadow.
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