P&Ns middle name is and

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Jun 15, 2001
there is no shit about that. We stopped in Kirksville for some avgas and brunch one Sunday morning, and some lady approached my wife in the bathroom and told her she might be more comfortable dining in the bar. My wife had the gall to be wearing something with a bare shoulder and gasp, CAPRI pants! Oh the horrors!
Heh, it's a weird state. I live in Missouri and my ex-gf wanted to buy an SUV. She kept getting treated with suspicion because she didn't have her non-existent husband with her. One guy told her that some SUV was easy for women to drive and had lots of room for her future kids, but also had a lot of features that her husband would appreciate. She finally found a salesman in his 20s who treated her like a normal human being, so she bought from him. I told her to make sure she keeps it stocked with baby strollers and feminine products.