P&Ns middle name is and

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Oct 2, 2004
[big, false, idiotic conservative meme here]
Yeah, we aren't shutting down 'our' pipelines, I don't know what the fuck you (and the meme creator) are smoking, but it's just another typical day of conservative disingenuousness and outright lies.

Besides, "If you can't afford gas for your car/truck, maybe you should get a better job and not be poor." - sound familiar? That's what you idiots would be saying if Trump were still in the WH. Because it's Biden though, it obviously must be all his fault.
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Oct 6, 2009
This or "woke" Democrats, can't figure out which is more important:

We survived the War of 1812, the Civil War, World War I and World War II, Korea, Vietnam, and the Cold War. But today we face the greatest danger we have ever faced. The militant left-wing in our country has become the enemy within.

The militant left has now seized control of our economy, of our culture and our country.

The woke left now controls the Democrat party, the entire federal government, the news media, academia, big tech, Hollywood, most corporate boardrooms and now even some of our top military leaders. ... [T]hey are destroying just about everything they touch and they've got their hands on everything.