Old games you recall that had great graphics at the time

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Apr 3, 2001
Consoles - Star Fox - The Super FX chip thing they used to give 3d acceleration to the SNES was just nuts. I also competed in a local tournament right after it came out and won a shirt. To this day it is the only game I can play from start to finish on the hardest mode without breaking a sweat, usually.

PC - I played way too many games to remember which ones really wowed me. Freespace, Doom, Duke Nukem 3D, Indianapolis 500, European Air War and so on. It seems like every six months something would be released that surpassed everything before it and I suppose that isn't far from the truth.
It truly was a glorious time to be a PC gamer... Magic Carpet and Hi Octane popped into my mind too.


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Sep 28, 2005
The original Quake on Glide was pretty amazing. I got Quake II and wasn't impressed...until I picked up a Diamond Monster Voodoo II add-on card...HOLY SHIT!
After that, Unreal and Half-Life really opened my eyes.


voodoo upgrade was dynamic.. however i think back when pc's had to buy a dedicated sound card, and i got my first sound blaster that was a game changing experience.

As for anything recient....
I think Vindictus made me go OMG, followed by Black Desert.