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Senior member
Dec 10, 2000
hi Z,
add this:
Philips magnavox webtv MAT965 for $11.88 at OD b&m (retail: $99.99)

Just got back from my local OD and they have it at clearance table, in retail box, no cable, manual or A/C adapter, but has the remote.
Told that it used to be display model. Manager told me OD is having clearance on this, so price is good for retail too(not just display), but they don't have any left :(
and she refused to lower price for me, probably don't wanna give it to me for free :)



Senior member
Jan 26, 2001
Just picked up 3 more Canon dual ink carts at another location.
Same place had a 80meg SanDisk CF left.

Just a note-

If you see an item sticker listed on shelf, with retail price, and no pull tags, still write the SKU down, and ask them to check their computer.

Both items I just got, were not marked clearance, or even had a pull tag for them. But I asked the very helpfull sales girl to check, and they were there. They had 5 of the Canon twin packs, and one SanDisk.

But, it seems Office Depot NEVER has an accurate inventory system.