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Jan 1, 2001
Since I am an OD junkie (not overdosing junkie) I figured it needed to be refreshed....however, I don't have the time to update as hevnsnt was so diligently doing....I will update but not as often.......I have trolled the latest posts and picked the best deals and updated the list....IM me if something big needs to be added.....Z

BTW...Alot of these items will not be found, as the original thread was over a month old!

In my experience.....and I have alot with OD....I will look for something at stores and not find the items....go back a week later and it's there....I don't know if they are just slow to find the items or maybe the slower stores ship to the busier stores.

Post any new deals that are found here.
Make sure to realize that all deals are not being found in all OD's.
Also Taking your spouse to OD everyday for a month is not recommended. =)


Sony DSCS30 Digicam reg 599.99 now 239.88 will be 120.88 on the 30 according to a rumor.


Voodoo4 - 4500 Reg 99.99 now 49.88 SKU 628721 added 3/18
Internal Iomega Zip 100 - no sku 44.88 added 3/17
Compaq 1400 series Presario with a Celeron 566, 64 megs of Pc100, 6 gb HD, 8X DVD, and a 56K modem for $719 SKU# is 470-311.
3M Precise Mousing Surface Gel Mouse Pads (Grey only) for 2.88 - $3.99 SKU UNKNOWN
PC Concepts keyboard (USB) with 2 USB expansion ports built in for $9.99 SKU UNKNOWN
M/S sidewinder gamepads 9.88 SKU UNKNOWN
Rand McNally Streetfinder GPS for Laptops. Software and GPS receiver. $52.88-$15 coupon SKU 403-481
aplio internet phone for $29.88 SKU 999-674
Palm VII $49.88 sku#983-459
Sharp Wizard 770PC $2.88 sku#651-381
Sharp Wizard 730 $4.88 sku#991-011
hp laserjet 1100xi $89.88 sku#146-981 (Dead?)
pctv card $29.88 sku#634-751 ($20MIR)
aiptek table w/wireless mouse $29.88 sku#499-391 ($20 MIR)
Western Digital 30.7GB ATA66 5400 RPM --- 49.99 -- Sku 462491
The Mouse bungees are also down to 2.88 - UPC is 068190601398
Pooh Mousepads ---- ONLY POOH ---- .88 SKU Unknown
Also found quite a few pc cables, printer, switch cables and adapters marke from .66 to 4.88. Sorry no sku.
Vtech helio is normally $179.99. 79.99
Misc Software On Clearance
Studio PCTV Pro $15.00 + tax after coupon & MIR (see thread here)
epson 740 $39.88 SKU 413636
Palm III modem for $34.88 or $39.88 SKU 562311
Gravis Gamepads Pro and Gravis Destroyer USB are .01
Gyropoint mouse has been drop to 29.88
agfa esmile digital cameras for 29.88 SKU# 439981
Laptop motion sensor alarm sensor for 8.88
Microsoft Sidewinder Precision 2 Joystick...$29.88 fm $49.99 sku 562-851
MS Sidewinder gamepad 1...$11.88 sku 578-611
Fellowes Easy Glide Gel Wrist Rest and Mouse Pad...$5.88 fm $22.99 sku 976-671
Fellowes Krytonite Portable Motion Sensor Alarm...$8.88 upc 7751199404
Kensington optical mouse $8.88
DR UDMA/66 PCI Card - $19.88 SKU# 210-501
ZOOM 56k/V.90 Dualmode FAX/Modem PCMCIA - $19.88 SKU# 953-614
MS SideWinder Game Voice $24.88
2 packs of the BC-20 cartridges. SKU 617-581. $29.99
Kensington Mouse In A Box Optical Pro on clearance for 9.88-18.88
Cidco Mailstation E-Mail PDA (SKU 428541) 19.99 - 20.00 rebate also available for this
Vtech Email machines $29
GyroMouse Pro for $2.88
PNY Quick Chip 233 mhz with 3dNow Technology for $29.88
i-feel force feedback optical logitech 35.00

Phones & Pagers

Verizon QCP 1960 Digital Phone caller ID and a free airtime offer,reg.$99.95,now $19.88
Audiovox FR-1438 2pack 2-way radios with chargers $29.88
Motorola StarTac 7867 (Sprint) are now $44.88
Ericsson CF768 is down to $1.92
Glenayre AccessLink II pagers for $19 (2way pager) SKU 317471
IBM 900MHZ Digital 4-line cordless phone for $99.88(-$15 coupon)= $84.88 SKU 208-081
Vtech VT-1962 900MHZ-CallerID-Answering Machine $79.99-$20.00 instant rebate - $30.00 mail-in = $29.99 (Use 15 off 50 Coupon!) 410-061 ($30 MIR)
Sprint PCS Motorola Timeport with cables and all the trimmings. THIS PHONE IS WEB ENABLED. With Tax it was $63.30 SKU 0294081 (dead?)
Motorola pf-1500 pager $9.88 sku#902-233
Motorola Pagewriter 2000x $29.88 sku#983-431
Skytel 2-way pager $19.88 sku#317-471
Motorola Timeport phone sku#294-081
Various Plaintronics headsets from 9.88 - 29.88/reg 179.99 for an amp model.
Ericcson/suncom phone LX 788 is down from $179(i think) to $48.88

Lamps & Lights
Energizer DoubleBarrel flashlights the big one at $7.88 small one $4.88 SKU UNKNOWN
Bankers Floor lamp $7.66 sku#301-601
Clamp on desk lamp $1.22 no sku but item #4579338259
Octavia floor lamp for $9.66
Computer Tensor Lamp(comes in different colors)...$7.22 sku 273-891
Nautilus White fluorescent Magnifier Task Lamp...$12.66 sku 301361

Just go to your local B&M for more lamps & light deals (seems to be local thing)

Misc Other Electronics
Cobra 2way radios (2mile range,ect) with an $11 (for 2) SKU 329-731
Polaroid JoycamUPC#7410031182 for $12.88 (list $29.99) SKU UNKNOWN
Oregon Scientific BAR-888 Weatheradio $4.88 sku#584-811
Oregon Scientific wr-8000 Handheld weatheradio sku#904-179 $4.88
Electric Letter opener for 6.88, reg 29.99 (Talk about lazy)
JaMP3 player now 59.99 (This is a POS) reg 99.99
Rolodex 128KB electronic organizers for $2.88 SKU Unknown
RCA 4 function remote for .01
150watt/300watt power inverters for 10.88

magnetic therapy system SKU 267471 was $34.99 now $9.88
60 CD tower SKU 466851 was $13.69 now $3.88
CD case SKU 469141 was $6.29 now $1.88
CD holder SKU 444721 was $7.99 now $ .88
Desktop Vacuum SKU 130-674 was $19.99 now $7.88
Kensington 50CD flip file SKU 217231 was $9.99 now $2.88
Kensington zip disk storage SKU 277699 was $5.99 now $1.88
Wire CD rack SKU 381 531 was $15.29 now $3.88
Jeep mesenger bag is $8.44 SKU UNKNOWN
Swiss Army Knives (Victorinox) on clearance. Too many for SKU's %50 off
German 23 Carat Gold plated rollerball pens: Retail List $95, $10.88. Reform Brand,OD SKU 344-373 and 344-417 in real suede display boxes
25 pencils for only $.88
Windsor Organizer (like a DayPlanner), SKU #8913894391, reg. $25.95, now $5.88
Echo park water 24 - 16oz bottles sku 375-381
Fellowes 500 shredder, 274-121, $19.88
Premier Desktop Letter Opener: Originally $94.99, now $4.66

Bush Bookcases 20.00 SKU UNKNOWN
Misc leather chairs ~$62.88 sku#266-991, 375-991, 442-441, 652-941
HUGE corner desk with hutchfor $124.88
Cheap Desks/carts @ $14.42 SKU's 562-351 & 887-447

IM me if you want to add something to the list.......Z


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Nov 7, 2000
The Bush computer cart sounds good.

Does anyone has a picture of this cart, please post.



Aug 24, 2000
HUGE corner desk with hutch for $124.88

Does anyone know what the sku is for this desk? It is available on line?



Dec 6, 2000

in which store did you get the most deal? i go to S.Cooper, R.Mill and SW Plaza A LOT.


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Jan 27, 2001
This list is so dead, a few items 'might' show up in a few stores, but don't count on any discount beyond 11 cents off (changes the $.99 to $.88 which means don't restock).

Out of the half dozen stores convient to me in Orange county Calif. only one ever seems to have "anything" clearanced. Most have tags but no stock, and quite a few have no discount or the cheesy $19.99 goes to $19.88.

Think about it, this list and others like it have been posted online since the first part of Jan. in the most deal hungry web sites, and you want to know if its in every store or online? OD has no online inventory checking of stores (that I know of anyway) and calling around totally sucks, as all it does is alert employees to deals which they grab themselves.

There are a "few" deals still in stores, nothing is online, and NOBODY in any threads I have seen yet is telling about which stores are good for deals, with only a few talking about which suck.

If you want one of these deals, make yourself a list and don't put this forum etc. anyplace on it. Now start trolling OD stores and see what you find. Out of two dozen trips I have 3m tape, some plastic boxes, boxes of old printer ribbons and weird ink cartridges, pens, paper, and some nifty Windows 3.1 pocket guides. YMMV


Dec 10, 1999
um, go to officedepot.com, use their storefinder... it lists stores, you call stores.. u find out if they have stock! Isn't that amazing?


Jan 6, 2001

Amazing? Yes! An amazing way to make sure the employee finds out about the deal and grabs it first.


Dec 10, 1999
well .. the store finder also lists addresses.. go @#% down there and look for the sh*t u want.


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Jul 30, 2000
My store has the HP printer but for $300. :( Should I get it in the hopes that they have to reduce it to $88 by the end of the quarter (next 2 weeks)?



Jan 6, 2001
Zuc: that's what I did. Too bad there wasn't much to get excited about.

I had a hard time finding $20 worth of stuff that I wanted so I could use the coupon.

Stingy: I would definitely hope. One way or another, all stores will be getting rid of their stock in the clearance items. I don't know if their schedule is to be cleared out by the end of the quarter, but it makes sense. It's up to the store manager how deep they want to cut the prices and when.


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Oct 18, 2000

Hey Folks:

My perspectives:

1.) By definition B&M (Brick and Mortar for the newbies who seem to have most of the questions) stores have unpredictable inventories of items to clearance: no point in asking what stores specific clearance items are at: ya just gotta do the legwork.

2.) Sometimes, you'll get a righteous manager who will check out a deal you ask about and make SOME accomodation: Last week I went to a CompUSA in the Bay Area looking for a $39.88 Antec KS282 case like I read about on these forums. The Manager said the cases he had were not clearanced, but he did sell me one for $49.88. I was happy. Again ya gotta be there to ask.

Good Hunting



Jan 11, 2001
My store has tons of these things on the clearance shelf, but the prices are no where near these... Me thinks my local OD is trying to rip ppl off...


Jan 6, 2001
bump, Has anyone had any trouble accessing OD, I have been trying since 11:00PM last night to no avail, Thanks, John:(


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Jun 13, 2000
yawl are killing me... alright, since no one wants to revisit old threads to find HOW it should actually be done, i'll post a lunch some of my strategies
edit: changed my mind--anybody interested--pm me--phooey to lurkers
i will say old pro is exactly right tho--it's just like those spy movies--verify the dead deal! kick it a few times, check it for shallow breathing! don't sit up in your mansion playing with the underground missile and wait for your lackeys to report back to you! GET OFF your fat added and find out for yourself!
good luck


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Jan 26, 2001
I suppose it's up to the local manager how much, and when items go into clearance.

I got 2 different types of the Audiovox 2 way radios a few days ago.
One store had the plain set, marked down to $23.88 for the pair.
Another, had the set with bateries, and charger, for $29.88.

Found store 3, with the same stock, and neither of these were on clearance yet. Ill go back in a few days to see if they are lower.



Dec 2, 2000
Sometimes you have to take them up to the cashier and have them scanned to see the correct price. Our local stores still have the 200 pack of shipping airbags listed as $18+ on the shelves, but they check out at $.92.