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Obama's UN Speech

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Jul 12, 2006
I'm not willing to lower our standards of freedom so that others in the world don't get offended or so that people who wantonly throw around accusations of being slandered, or claims of intolerance can have a free pass to censor or hush other people up. It also doesn't matter who made the video or why they made it. They had a right to do so and everyone else has/had a right to ignore them which was what occurred up until Islamic terrorists decided to behave like savages and used this obscure video that no one knew about as an excuse to murder innocent people. So yes they need to buck the fuck up.
No one is arguing these points, and certainly not Obama.

I have no fricking clue why you are bringing this up, b/c we all agree here on these issues that only you are raising, as does the president.

Are you just arguing with yourself? Is that what's going on?



Feb 3, 2007
that NY Post article totally missed the target audience of Obama's speech. I had some issue with his stance on Iran and I thought he could have possibly used harsher words when talking about the imbeciles who have been rampaging in protests over the video around the globe. But it would have missed the point. He wouldn't have struck a cord with such a broad audience and he definitely would not do a great job getting across our values of free speech by using it to attack.