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News Nvidia re-releases the 1050Ti to "address shortages"

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Jan 31, 2011
Well, I was talking about the 4GB versions which still go for $200-250. (That goes up every time I look though! The point being if you give them enough vram for mining their price balloons drastically. As mentioned the point is to release something that doesn't really work for mining to try and keep the gaming market from dying, even if it has to live on 1080p life support.
Most people who would care to upgrade probably already have something at least that good. If they didn't, I doubt they'd be willing to pay $250 for a mid-range product from half a decade ago. I think a product like this only appeals to the same sort of people who hear about a shortage of toilet paper and rush to the store to buy a cartload for themselves even though they already have plenty and won't be able to use the additional rolls for anything.

The PC gaming market isn't dying. It won't be too terribly long (I'd say 3 years at most given that top-end Cezanne is on par with 460/560 in terms of raw GFLOPs) before APUs can deliver the same kind of performance that a 480/580 is capable of and the PC gaming market is larger than ever before when viewed from the perspective of people who can reasonably game at 1080p.


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Jan 26, 2010
I wish i could buy a 1050ti or RX570 , my RX470 nitro went poof which dissapionted me a lot since never even pushed the card. Someone who i play video games with send me a old GTX970 , and when i started to look around cant get anything except 1030 for a reasonable price. I just play wow , factorio,... never really AAA games but even for casual gaming there is like NOTHING , and 1300 euro for 3070 , 800 euro 3060 , 500 EURO FOR #%@$%#$%#$% 1660 in stock.

And for graphics card from AMD honestly you would think they left the consumer graphics card market all together. So yeah I am very glad with the news of 1050Ti and 2060 production starting up again , because if you actually need to just repair your own or someones PC it just devastating to tell them wait a year or pay almost the entire price of the original PC.
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May 6, 2012
Someone who i play video games with send me a old GTX970
It's still a reasonable 1080p card, about GTX1650 non-super in performance, so it's not a total loss. It'll somewhat do 1440p if you temper expectations, and perhaps target 30fps.

Right now it's make do, because we probably won't get anything new before autumn, or maybe even next year.
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