Nvidia move up two slots in their product lineup to match AMD

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Jan 31, 2011
It's simply because you used these 6 words: "You can thank AMD for this"

Folks don't take to kindly to that round these parts. :|

Maybe if you removed the blame from AMD from your OP, you would then be allowed to continue your speculation thread without your name being called for a ban.

Wild huh?

Sorry VC.

Or maybe because it's baseless speculation and accusatory without any actual evidence. You might as well take the logic a step further and blame it on nVidia as they were selling $500 cards last generation and gave AMD the inspiration to charge that much. And that's probably someone else's fault as well.

If I were to actually make such a stupid statement I would hope that people would tell me how idiotic it sounded, regardless of where their brand loyalties lie. Calling for the thread to be locked or the poster to be banned is out of line, but if he honestly wants to suggest that nVidia's pricing is somehow AMD's fault, he probably deserves to take the flak for it.


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Jul 26, 2011


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Jul 6, 2004
Also, do you think companies like AMD and Nvidia should be charitable and sell their cards for less than people are willing to pay? Don't you think that if AMD or Nvidia offered cards for less than market value (i.e., less than what people are willing to pay), resellers like Newegg and Amazon would just raise their prices to prevent selling out too quickly?

If AMD is overpricing their cards, shouldn't Nvidia undercut them and steal away all the customers by selling cards for a lower price? Why would Nvidia reject this golden opportunity to sell cards at a lower "fair" price and win all the markets?

not necessarily. it's called price fixing.
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