New Shuttle SX79R5

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Jan 29, 2004
Yeah I'm bit *hard* buy SFF now... damn I'm such a anti-clutter nazi. I think I will make this my main system and completely get rid of any and all old systems. CPUs and GPUs are so overpowered now it's just not worth the hassle to me anymore of dealing with 10,000 lb cases with water cooling and a million video cards and rats nests.

Shuttle SX79R5
Asetek 92mm 545LC CPU cooler
32 GB DDR3 1600
i7-3980x ***
GTX680 SC ***
2 x 240GB SF2281 toggle SSDs RAID0
Intel 450mbps mini PCIe Wifi card

*** Given that the SX79R5 isn't even available yet, I figure these CPU/GPU choices will be available then.

I/O devices will remain the same:

Logitech K800 wireless keyboard (only backlit AND wireless kb out there)
Logitech G700 wireless mouse (sigh can't find the black CF G8 mice anymore)
Logitech G930 wireless headset (don't want the wire clutter that comes with 7.1 speakers, etc)
U3011 monitor

Only 3 cords for the whole setup: power to PC, power to monitor, DVI cable

Worst case if single GTX680 can't muster 2560x1600 with the FPS I'd like here and there, 1920x1200 still doesn't look *that* terrible on a U3011. It's not the devil like 640x480 on a 1280x1024 display :awe: Or just disable AA... who needs AA @ 1600p anyway? And I have a eye for pure 1:1 sharp pixels, so I kind of like AA disabled.

No optical drive, have all my ISOs and installation media copied to a 64 GB USB 3.0 120 MB/s thumb drive.

I'm also trying to find an internal 3.5" hot dock for 2.5" devices so I can just use SATA III SSDs for my portable media and just shove them in a little front panel door into a 3.5" dock, click in click out, like a big SD card, but most require racks, installing them in rails/enclosures first, etc. Anyone know any good internal 3.5" docks for 2.5" drives?
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Jan 29, 2004
wait. 680 SC (AKA Sucky Edition?)
EVGA GTX680 Superclocked should be available by the time the SX79R5 hits market.

If I'm going to gimp myself with SFF I'm going to max that mofo out for every last drop.

God Mode

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Jul 2, 2005
I just hope you know what you're getting into. I've built lesser SFX systems with much better cooling and it still ran too hot for my comfort.


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Oct 4, 2005
Yeah, and you don't have to overclock the cpu if you don't want to. Of course that is like asking people not to speed in a sports car. ;-)
Jul 6, 2011
EVGA GTX680 Superclocked should be available by the time the SX79R5 hits market.

If I'm going to gimp myself with SFF I'm going to max that mofo out for every last drop.
Oops. SC not SE xD


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Mar 30, 2012
Saw some traffic from here hitting the review, so thought I would chip in.

The Shuttle case air holes are absolutly fine if you have a GPU that chucks the air out of the back. Remember when Shuttle cases were used years ago the graphics cards were quite different in design.

That 570 GTX in the review was good, it did not get too hot, but the fan did spin up rather - although not too bad, it was far from silent. The machine is now the proud owner of an EVGA 680 and that is just a superb combination. The card is smaller, the power connectors have much more room and its so cool and quiet that I still cant quite believe. Was playing Battlefield for several hours in a normal room (ambiant about 22c) with the machine at 4.8GHz and case cover on yet the GPU did not go above 55% fan and I could not hear the GPU fan at all.


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Mar 1, 2005
Thanks for taking the time to register and post some thoughts. :)

The review was really informative, been tempted after reading it to buy an SZ68R5, would make a nice SFF gaming system, especially with one of those Asetek 92mm water coolers installed and the BIOS mod you did to increase TDP cap and allow for higher OCs without throttling.


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Apr 23, 2014
Hi folks,

new and late arrival to the shuttle SX79R5 party :sneaky:

I have a been a shuttle user for many years now (10 years I think? :eek: wow, time does fly ), and I'm about to buy the SX79R5 shuttle, but would like some advice that retailers and even shuttle have struggled with:

What's the difference between the v.1 and the v.1.1 of this xpc?

I was ready to place an order from amazon, but here's what I got:


If it is simply a BIOS update, I can live with that, and do it myself, or are there significant changes?

many thanks in advance for any feedback!
Aug 23, 2007
Want one so bad, but I'm torn between SFF and SLI epeen.

That and next generation consoles will make high performance PC gaming relevant again since game complexity is limited by lowest common denominator cross platform development. SLI might matter.
I don't like SLI because it adds at least one frame of lag...
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