New IPS Display 1920x1080


May 12, 2014
Hey guys,

I'm considering and upgrade from my 3-4 years old 21.5 inch TN display (Philips 227E LPH) to something more up to date. I know for sure that I want FullHD as my graphics card would not handle higher resolutions while playing at high quality settings. So, rather FullHD and high - ultra settings then 4K and low settings. Its mainly for games (WOW, GTA V, Witcher 3, Overwatch, HOTS, Path of Exile and similar games).

However, not sure if I should go with 21.5 inch or 24 inch for FullHD. Would the density of pixels be that much noticable between those two? I kind of like and prefer higher density for smoother picture.

Now I will show you what monitors I choose from (it's a czech site which I would later order from). Reasons I want to go with IPS are better colours and viewing angles.

21.5 Acer - my prefered one (I like the slim frame and the slim display in general), even though there is just one review and I cannot find anything else for this display on the web:
23 Acer - basically same model as 21.5 - No revies though and nothing on the internet either -
23 Asus - reviews are pretty good for this one and many other videos on the web:
24 BenQ - its a MVA display (worse than IPS?) - revies are still good tough -

I chose these as they seem in good shape of price/quality/performance ratio.
Additional question: would IPS suffer of high and noticable ghosting than TN?

I would really appreciate your advice. What would you go with and why? Is there anything better then those proposed ones?

Thanks a lot!