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    Question Would you buy a OLED TV for a monitor? Which there of these would you prefer?

    I have an Asus MG278Q monitor right now. It’s ok. Very fast panel, Free sync is supported but color reproduction is poor. So, I’m looking for a new monitor. I did a little research, some are advising to look TV’s, specially OLED TV’s for this generation. Min 120 hz and Freesync/Gsync support is...
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    FreeSync Monitor

    Hey guys first ever post so please tell me if I need to edit anything. Looking for a Gaming FreeSync monitor mid range with following specs: Price: $200-$350 Size: 27" Panel: IPS Brand: ANY Refresh Rate: Not too fussy as long as its over 60Hz or has a variable refresh rate (e.g.. ~40-90Hz)...
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    NIXEUS displays 27" 1440p IPS 30-144hz Freesync Gaming Monitor ~$449, 32" 4K Freesync

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    Snapdragon 821/820, 6GB RAM, IPS 5.5"+ Phone Recommendation

    Been researching some phones to replace my Moto X Pure. Here are my requirements: - Snapdragon 821/820 (or similar performance-wise) - 6 GB RAM - 5.5" or larger screen (the bigger the better) - IPS Panel (No AMOLED as they use PWM) - AT&T / T-Mobile compatible Obvious choices like Galaxy Edge...
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    Max $400, Debating 2k 25" IPS, 2k 32" WVA, 34" UWide IPS

    I am looking for suggestions & advice. My 28" Hanns G finally "died." It must of had bad capacitors as when it would shut off it never wanted to go back on. I love the size but the colors and viewing angle were horrible. But it was 1920x1200 instead of 1080 which was good for working with...
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    OLED vs IPS LCD: Battery Life

    Interesting comparison by HotHardware: http://hothardware.com/reviews/lenovo-thinkpad-x1-yoga-review?page=8#SsYvCsPfIcuE3DB1.99 Now let's appreciate this display: *IPS LCD (left), OLED (right)
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    New IPS Display 1920x1080

    Hey guys, I'm considering and upgrade from my 3-4 years old 21.5 inch TN display (Philips 227E LPH) to something more up to date. I know for sure that I want FullHD as my graphics card would not handle higher resolutions while playing at high quality settings. So, rather FullHD and high - ultra...