Networking Support thread for the unemployed: Spring 2014

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May 6, 2013
Wonder if any unemployed here are social security check age or over (62). And how many of those can get by if they retired if not already. Not that any of those are living off SS checks but the extra $800-$2000 or so per month helps.


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Jul 15, 2003

Astra Zeneca is going to expand from 3 to 9 drugs over the next year.
New jobs will be popping up all over the world by the hundreds.



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Jan 12, 2006
wow, I was expecting more updates here. I agree, time for a new thread.

For those who are US citizens, the federal government is hiring (

As an example, Social Security administration has a number of claims specialist, customer service rep positions, etc. open all over the US:"social security administration"&p=1.

You can further filter results by say, positions open to the public, or for recent college grads when you search usajobs.

*edit* found a linkedin post listing a number of companies that are still hiring
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May 25, 2020
Hi There,

We are looking for a network guru to help setup multiple servers for ultra low latency audio streaming in order to collaborate with artists in different locations in realtime or as close to realtime as possible.

Ideally we would setup two servers, one in the US and one in the UK to minimise roundtrip latency but we are open to suggestions here.

Some of the things we need help with are port forwarding, server setup and a general understanding of networking and working with low latency audio across servers.

We have looked at AWS servers running a windows machine and it seemed like the right fit. We are also open to suggestions on whether things like Gcloud are better or if there is anything else out there.

Low latency audio streaming is the most key thing here. This is so that us and the client can collaborate in almost real time.

We have looked at Jamulus but are still looking at other options of jam software but the theory stays the same of having our own high speed private server so that we can get the lowest latency possible.

If this is something that you think you could help with and have expert knowledge then please contact me via DM. This would be paid work.

Thanks so much



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Jan 12, 2006
For any recent graduates who are US citizens, the Department of Labor is hiring worker's compensation examiners:

in Boston and NYC:

in Washington DC and Norfolk VA:

in Philadelphia:

in Fl, New Orleans La, and Texas:


Sep 22, 2007
If anyone is interested in a very senior level architect position for SharePoint, Power Platform, and/or Microsoft Teams, ping me. :D We're hiring on my team and I need some good recommendations. The person must be expert-level in at least one of the the aforementioned workloads, must have enterprise-level experience (500+ users with preference being with those who have architected environments for companies in the thousands/tens of thousands/hundreds of thousands range), and must be comfortable presenting to clients and C-level execs.

Amol S.

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Mar 14, 2015
Hello folks here,

I have graduated in 2020 with a Master's in Cybersecurity. I have not been hired yet. I have gone thru interviews as I have stated in the forums, without any luck. In the time of this almost 2 year unemployment span, I have took part in a one month externiship, have done some programming projects, studied into Spunk, learned C++, and many other things. I am currently looking into learning Docker. I really would love to go deeper into what other productive things I have been doing in this time period.

If you have any positions that are remote, or in New York City (if on-site work is required), please PM me. I really want a job and am very very worried and paranoid about my future.

I really want to also thank all of you here to being kind and help me cope with the hard time I am currently going thru.

Thank you.


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Mar 26, 2005
I live in NYC and would like to move to a rural area. I am an IT desktop support tech with many years experience. I have a Masters Degree in Information Systems.