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Networking Support thread for the unemployed: Spring 2014

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Moderator<br>Computer Help
Mar 14, 2000
Anyone have any sys admin etc work in the Central Florida area?


Diamond Member
Oct 23, 2002
My company is looking for a .NET developer in Oak Brook, IL.

Experienced ASP.NET Developer

Skills Required
? Strong experience with ASP.NET development using Visual Basic in Visual Studio 2005 (VS 2008 a plus)
? Strong experience with relational database development (tables, stored procedures, functions)
? Strong experience with standard web technologies (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, XML)
? Experience with web services
? Experience with 3-tiered architecture
? Experience with reporting tools a plus
? Experience with 3rd-party controls a plus

? Highly self-motivated and self-managed
? Ability to learn independently and quickly and share knowledge
? Able to cooperate, work, and communicate well in a team environment
? Enthusiasm and dedication to excellent customer service
? Strong verbal and written communication skills

PM me if interested!


Platinum Member
Jun 15, 2002
Any jobs in the LA area? I'm a JHU graduate (Applied Math & Business) looking to relocated from DC.


Elite Member <br> Super Moderator<br> Health and F
Oct 11, 2000
Trader Support/ Product Specialist of a trading OMS, EMS with at least 18months+ experience

Usual skill required:
understanding of trading
order management/ business flow
knowledge of FIX

Soft skills:
usual stuff, if you can banter and ahve good skills you are ahead.

PM me if interested


England, Canary Wharf.

PM me if interested


Senior member
Mar 13, 2003
With massive layoffs, these shitty economic times call for peepz to step up and offer jobs as well.

I'll start.
My friend is hiring a DBA or SQL Developer. It would be contract to hire working in Secaucus, NJ.

Yes, that's like another country. Inquire within.


Senior member
May 12, 2004
Anything for a recent grad in International Business in the Nashville Area? Bilingual English/Spanish
Dec 26, 2007
Any entry level IT jobs in NE Ohio (Akron/Canton with preference towards Canton)?

2+ years working at a top 5 insurance company in claims and underwriting
actively seeking CIS (Cisco track) at University of Akron and should have CCNA cert by July


Senior member
Oct 13, 2002
Hello All,

My company, speakeasy.net is currently hiriing for numerous networking, systems administration, and developer positions. Please review the current job openings posted below. For a detailed explanation of each please visit our site, speakeasy.net/careers. We're a national ISP based in Seattle, WA (We also have a managed services location in Dallas, TX.) with an emphasis in delivering Business VoIP solutions to Small and Medium sized businesses.

It's a great place to work, with competitive salaries, awesome benefits, and a nice downtown, on Elliot Bay work location. If you're looking to expand your skills, then please don't hesitate to drop me a line. I would be happy to review your resume, make recommendations on how to gear it toward our hiring practices, and after a few conversations, i'd be glad to make a recommendation on your behalf.

All that i ask is that you let the HR staff know that i referred you (we get a bonus if you're hired). My main intention here is to help my fellow Anandtecheads find work in these troubling times. Also, many of the positions listed affect my work here as a VoIP Engineer, and honestly we need the help.

Serious props to any *nix admin with telephony experience (either old school telco, or new-fangled SIP, IP PBX, Soft Switch, etc.)

So that said, here are the current open positions, drop me a message and we'll arrange an IM session.


(AKA JB, Speakeasy VoIP CPE Engineer)

Java Developer III
Quality Assurance Engineer III
Quality Assurance Engineer II
Quality Assurance Engineer Lead
Engineering Software Developer II
Sr VoIP Systems Engineer
Sr Product Marketing Manager, Managed Services
Sr Product Marketing Manager, Access Services
Advanced Services Group Representative
Internet Marketing Manager
NOC Engineer II
NOC Engineer III
Business Solutions Consultant I
Business Solutions Consultant II
Implementation Project Coordinator, Managed Services
Install Coordinator
Business VoIP Implementation Engineer
Voice Provisioning Specialist
Enterprise Account Manager
Business Support Representative Supervisor
Training & Instructional Design Specialist
Business Analyst III - Systems Engineering


Jul 18, 2003
11/21/2008 Update - Well, I have a job offer and it will pay the bills for now. Will still be looking on my own most likely though for the "perfect" position.

Unemployed as of 11/5/2008. I'm an organic/analytical chemist with 5 years of contract research, development, and synthesis business experience. Looking primarily in the Kansas City, MO and surrounding areas. Would be willing to relocate for an excellent position though.


Aug 9, 2000
Turbine Inc just moved next to my company. They want to employ 100 people by the end of this year. They are a game development company, so I guess they are looking for software people. This is in MA. Do not PM me about this, I do not work for the company. I just met some guy who works there while I was at lunch.


No Lifer
Oct 13, 1999
Originally posted by: Gibson486
Turbine Inc just moved next to my company. They want to employ 100 people by the end of this year. They are a game development company, so I guess they are looking for software people. This is in MA. Do not PM me about this, I do not work for the company. I just met some guy who works there while I was at lunch.
Thanks for the heads up for everyone

Here is a link to the career link:

TURBINE - Powered by our fans


Diamond Member
Jan 5, 2003
I'm an out of work Cold Fusion developer looking for something in the Nashville, TN area. Does anyone know of anything?


Senior member
Jul 23, 2003
On behalf of a friend, I am seeking an experienced PC technician with outstanding technical and communication skills to provide paid technical support, when needed, to a PC owner in La Jolla California. This is not a full time or contract position. The person I am looking for will provide support and training on request in the following areas:

1. PC hardware and software configuration.

2. Skype configuration (a webcam and its drivers are already installed).

3. Synchronization of a Palm Zire 31 PDA with Outlook 2000.

4. Microsoft Outlook (the version included in Office 2000 Premium).

5. Backup procedures.

6. General questions regarding Windows XP Home.

Certain tasks will need to be performed ASAP, including the following:

1. Replace two 120MM cooling fans (intake and exhaust) in a generic PC tower. The replacement fans have already been purchased and are available. The side of the tower is off pending installation of the replacement fans. All necessary screws are present.

2, Install and configure Skype software, and provide written procedures and training as needed.

3. Teach the friend (and write a detailed procedure for) how to use Palm's Synchronization Manager software to periodically synchronize Outlook 2000 with a Palm Zire 31. The synchronization software is already installed on the PC and set to manual mode.

4. Fairly straightforward customizations of Outlook 2000.

5. Setup of an external USB hard drive for use for periodic backups (in concert with periodic backups to DVDs). A comprehensive procedure for the backup to the USB drive should be written. A written procedure for backups to the friend's DVD drive already exists and can be used as a guideline for the writing of other procedures.

The configuration of the PC is as follows:

Generic black mid-size tower with bays for four hard drives and three optical drives
One front intake fan (blowing over hard drive) and 1 rear exhaust fan (both 120MM)
Two front USB ports and 4 rear USB ports
Antec EarthWatts EA380, 380W power supply, ATX12V v2.0
ASUS P5GC-MX/1333 Ver. 1.0 motherboard, Intel 945GC chipset
Intel E2200 dual-core processor, 2.2GHz, 1MB on-die cache
1GB Kingston PC-5300 memory, in two 512MB dimms
On-board Intel GMA 950 graphics
On-board Realtek ALC883 audio
On-board Atheros 10/100 ethernet
Seagate 250GB SATA 300 hard drive
DVD-RW drive, 20X
3.5" floppy drive

H-P PS/2 keyboard (from former system)
Microsoft wireless mouse using a receiver connected to the tower via USB
Sony SDM-HS95P 18" LCD monitor using a 15-pin DSUB connector
Western Digital external 120GB USB hard dive
H-P Photosmart D7460 USB color printer
Microsoft LifeCam VX-6000 USB webcam
Samsung S73 camera (USB connection to PC)
H-P ScanJet 3970 USB scanner (not presently connected; drivers available but not loaded)
Linksys WRT54GL wireless "G" router
Motorola SB5150 cable modem (Internet Service Provider is RoadRunner)

MS Windows XP Home, Service Pack 3 (SP3)
MS Office 2000 Premium
Palm synchronization software

With the sole exception of the H-P Scanjet 3970, all relevant hardware drivers and application software have been loaded on the PC. To the best of my knowledge, the PC currently is in stable running condition.

I will be acting as an agent for the selection of the technical support person. My criteria for this selection will consist of the following: (1) Numerous intelligent and well-written posts on the AnandTech forums indicating the candidate has excellent technical and communication kills; (2) a highly positive HeatWare rating indicating the candidate has good ethics; (3) extensive experience with Outlook and WinXP; and (4) the impression I get from at least one telephone interview.

No formal certification such as MS certification is required. I am more interested in someone who is quite knowledgeable and has skills that fit my friend's needs well. I do want to emphasize that I am looking for someone who is well above average in intelligence, knowledge, experience and communications skills. The prospective customer is fairly ignorant about PCs but on the other hand, is reasonably bright.

If you fit the requirements well, please state the following in your first reply:

1. Your experience with Skype, Outlook and PDAs
2. Your experience in providing for backup of data on PCs.
3. Your experience in writing procedures.
4. Your Heatware ID
5. Your hourly charge.

I will expect to be provided the address and telephone numbers of the 2-3 respondents who I judge to be the best candidates. Be advised that when I converse with the top applicants, I will be much less formal than I have been in this solicitation.

Please do me the favor of responding only if you truly are a good fit for this solicitation.

Thanks to all for your interest.


Golden Member
Dec 16, 2003
Desperately seeking employment to keep a roof over my head, bills paid:

Fresno, California.

7 years worked at regionally recognized pizza franchise (not Domino's/Pizza Hut);
3 years experience data entry/general office;
Participated in two, 2-week projects deploying computers for a hospital here through an out-of-state tech placement company. This contract can possibly still be called up
for another phase which I am anxiously awaiting...
I am an entry level computer tech student working on Associate in Applied Sciences degree in Information Technology
with an emphasis in Network Systems Administration.

I have A+ and MCP Windows 2000 Server certifications. Network + would be / would have been my next one to work on if my prior problems finding a job in this 10-14% unemployment rate city
hadn't kept me down over the past 1+ years.

Note: I had 6-8 classes left for completion, had to drop for employment / financial concerns in April/May 2007, rejoined this October but class
structure had changed over all that time so had to switch to A.A.S. degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in Software Technologies in order to at least complete
an A.A.S. degree from the school. I have the majority of the network degree courses done but I guess this will give me even more broader education when done.
If I attend full time (which I am currently not hopeful for as I need an income and can't see attending school through April/summer 2009 while homeless), I should finish
the degree in the spring / summer 2009.



Senior member
Jun 23, 2004
MSEE that will graduate in the spring looking for work in the Boston area. Currently open to anything.


Senior member
Jan 31, 2007
Hi there! I'm looking for work in the Pasadena/South Pasadena/San Marino/Los Angeles area. I am pursuing an undergraduate degree at the California Institute of Technology but have to take the next several months away from school for personal/financial/family reasons. I am in need of most anything that will pay for food and rent. I have knowledge of C, C++, Java, web development (HTML, CSS, PHP), Matlab, and can pick up new languages if needed. I have also worked with robotics and microscopy and have lab experience. And like most everyone else here, I am familiar with computer repair/assembly/overclocking. But really, at this point I am willing to do almost anything and am enthusiastic about working hard and learning new things.

Please send me a message or e-mail me at "dennis" + "@" + "caltech.edu" if you would like to see a resume. Thanks for reading!


Jan 29, 2005
my comapny is currently looking to hire. i'll post more info about what positions are available, but one of the requirements is you have to have a secret or higher clearance. as i get more info, i will post. I am based out of san diego california.


No Lifer
Oct 13, 1999
Be careful during these trying times folks:

11-20-2008Drove 2,000 miles to get axed Day 1!

In August, the St. Lawrence Zinc company in upstate New York laid off Gallup.

Sam Gallup bolted New York for a new home, a new life and a new job in Montana.

One 10-hour shift later, he was facing the same old problem: Unemployment.

The 24-year-old upstate mine worker traveled 2,000 miles to find work only to get laid off after one day on the payroll of the Stillwater Mining Co.

"It's kind of a dead-end situation," Gallup said Thursday.

"Job security? There is none. Right now, I'm in the financial situation of losing everything."

Stillwater recruited him and some co-workers willing to leave their homes for Montana.

"I packed up everything I owned in my car and drove out here," he said from Montana.

"Took me three days. Then I drove two hours to work, two hours home, with a 10-hour shift between."

And that was it.

Stillwater, which mines platinum and palladium at two sites in southern Montana, laid off more than 500 employees this week from a work force of 1,770.

Gallup receives his one-day check on Dec. 1.


Jul 18, 2003
Originally posted by: Golgatha
11/21/2008 Update - Well, I have a job offer and it will pay the bills for now. Will still be looking on my own most likely though for the "perfect" position.

Unemployed as of 11/5/2008. I'm an organic/analytical chemist with 5 years of contract research, development, and synthesis business experience. Looking primarily in the Kansas City, MO and surrounding areas. Would be willing to relocate for an excellent position though.
Well, I'm taking my resume down since I have a job offer I'm most likely going to accept. Will still be looking though for a job in KC, MO. I will be doing contract work, living in St. Louis until I find something better, and will miss my family a lot during the week :(


Diamond Member
Oct 10, 1999
I'm an experienced (~5 years) Network Engineer/Administrator based in the western Chicago suburbs looking for possible job leads. I am willing to relocate for a good position, even out of state if the job is good enough. I currently still hold a job but am looking at leads.

I'm interested in jobs in the following areas:

Chicago, IL (entire city, area)
Western Chicago Suburbs all the way out to Aurora
Northern Chicago Suburbs
Milwaukee, Wisconsin (entire city, area)


Apr 23, 2004
I need an accounting job near dc metro. I graduated in may. Send me a PM for background info.