NBA Player drops 10K on MegaMillions

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Mr. Pedantic

Diamond Member
Feb 14, 2010
Personally if someone wants to blow $2000 on a big screen TV when their kid is starving I start to get uppity.

$10k out of his $1,000,000+ paycheck per year is seriously nothing.

The fools are people like you that don't even have much of a pot to piss in yet waste their time telling others they should get one.

I never said I wanted him to stop. If he wants to basically throw away an expected ~$10000 then that's his prerogative. That doesn't mean he's smart. It means he's stupid.

Also, the idea that the lottery is an investment is stupid irrespective of the money you spend on it. It is a game, and as such you should never go in expecting a net profit. The very few who win are lucky. Everyone else loses.