My parents are getting divorced

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Aug 10, 2002
My parents are seperated (and one lives ~500 miles away, on an island, so it needs a flight/ferry to get there), and I live with my Dad.
To be honest, they vaguely get along sometimes, they have amicably worked "things" out (we sold our old house, it was too big anyway), and they split the money in a reasonable fashion.
2 kids, one lives with each parent, so child support is not a huge issue (although my brother does have to pay a little rent to my mum, but then she is going to give me financial assistance when I go to Uni), so it all works out.
They also have maturing savings, which I believe they have worked out to split between them, in a fair manner.

To me, it feels like I've moved out a little early, in some ways.
When I go to Uni/move out later in life, I'm obviously going to see my parents/family less, so from this point of view, it's like that.
I got used to it fairly quickly (~3 years ago, when I was ~15).
As long as you still see your parents and you know they love you, then it's not that bad.