My fancy rice cooking device.

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Oct 10, 1999
I just use butter, bacon grease, or ghee/clarified butter and a regular saucepan with a lid.
That said, I don't make plain rice very often since it's high in carbs. Instead I double up on my greens/veggies.


Nov 18, 2005
Now you just trollin' us, Jules! You can't be a No Lifer and not have already fixed this!!


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Feb 28, 2017
I bought one of those Zojirushi induction rice cooker from Amazon probably 17+ years ago. Cost me $250 then which was pretty nuts for just a rice cooker. Well it's still cranking along just fine today still and make rice a good as when I first bought it. Wish I can find a replacement pan for it since a good part of the non-stick have rubbed off and been eaten but whatever.
Have you tried checking the Zojirushi website? I ordered a new pan directly from them for mine a couple of months ago.

Are rice cookers capable of cooking American wild rice?
I've used my Zojirushi to make wild rice a lot and have never had any issues. I can't speak for non fuzzy logic cookers but it works great with mine, just need to make sure to have the right ratios of liquid to rice.


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Apr 1, 2000
For those that use rice cookers how come you prefer them over simply a pot? It’s been maybe 15 years since I’ve used one and back then I had no idea how to cook so I don’t really have a knowledgeable opinion of them either way. What advantages do they have? Never bought one because I don’t want another contraption to worry about.
For an Asian family, a rice cooker is a must. It's all about convenience. Sure you can cook perfect rice on a regular pot, but would you want to do this day in and day out? It's like not wanting a water heater because you can boil water using a pot. Sure you can easily boil water with a pot, but would you want to boil water with a pot just to take a warm shower every day?


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Nov 16, 1999
Have you tried checking the Zojirushi website? I ordered a new pan directly from them for mine a couple of months ago.
Sadly my rice cooker has long been discontinued (it's the first one listed on that site in parts) and the pan has been forever in Out of Stock status. Thanks for reminding me though since I also have one of their top hot water unit and needed a replacement cap that broke this week (getting a part replaced vs buy new at $180). Another top notch item that I've had for 15+ yrs and still works great. Can't say the same about any other kitchen appliance I've owned and used just about everyday.