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How To Multiple boinc clients on the same computer

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Dec 10, 2016
The command
boinccmd --host HOSTNAME:PORTNUMBER --passwd PASSWORD --set_host_info MODELNAME
gives a "model" name to the client instance. After you triggered a project update (or the client issued a scheduler request for its own reason), a new column with the heading "Model" appears in the "Computers on this account" table, showing the MODELNAME string which you set for this client instance.

In the individual host details page, this string is shown in a row with the heading "Product name".
Sadly, PrimeGrid does not show this in either the computers table or the computer details. One or another project with old BOINC server versions don't show it either. I guess PrimeGrid's server version is not overly old, but quite customized, and this feature slipped through the cracks or was actively disabled.
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