Microsoft is apparently switching off POP/IMAP access

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Jul 27, 2020
In my job, a point came where a certain inbox started getting flooded with emails. All of the emails were the same. An XML attachment that needed to be downloaded and processed by us. Using Windows Live Email, I knew it stored the eml files in a folder, one per each email. So I opened one up in notepad and it was text. Some of them had the XML file in them in text format while others had it encoded in Base64.

Created a C program to read the eml files, extract the XML by pasting it into a text file and renaming it .xml while the Base64 were directly converted to the attachment using an external free utility. With a single press of the Enter button, suddenly hundreds of emails would have their XML files moved to a folder for further processing and the main storage folder would get cleared of pending files in an instant. I loved watching this happen, every single day while it lasted.